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MrChearlie: 2 --- RabitZ, chana, chana

With 7 alive, it takes 4 to lynch
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Crap, I got on to post an image to a game-page, and there's an opening to, potentially speaking, polish this off. Welps, looks like THE BLUDGEON HATH SPAKE!

#lynch MrChearlie
I have to go right now, and don't have time to wrap up this day phase. But the hammer has spoken, so the day is over.
A majority vote had been reached once again. Was it the last villain?

"Bah!" pouted MrChearlie, "I'm the freaking
Devil! I can defeat you myself!"

MrChearlie casts Gravija on the heroes! The party's HP is low!

"I've got a megalixer!" shouted MirrorMasq, "Here, take it!" The party's HP is healed, and rabitZ and SorceressKyrsty start summoning GFs. rabitZ summons chana, giving everyone the "triple" status effect! Kyrsty summons Marrend, causing earth damage to the demonic MrChearlie!

"ldida! Help us out here!" shouted rabitZ. ldida then released Rebirth Flame, weakening the beast even more.

"rabitZ!" yelled Kyrsty, "It's time for our limit breaks!" Energy surrounded the two, as if their love gave them both ultimate power.

"Nooo!" screeched Chearlie, "Stop that!" Together, Kyrsty and RabitZ released "Wishing Lion Heart Star" and dealt over 900,000 damage to the foe!

"Go back to Hell where you belong!


All of a sudden, all of the remaining heroes regained their memory. Also, ldida's revival flame brought all of the dead heroes(even the highly confused Seifer) back to life! The flame also replenished the Ragnarok's fuel...somehow. Hey, Hyne can make inexplicably convenient solutions to problems too, right?

"Let's get out of here..." said rabitZ wearily.

MrChearlie, who was Diablos, Villain Goon, has sunk back down to Hell on Day 6!

The HEROES win!

Role PM's coming to the lounge fairly soon~

Good game, folks! Just like last game, let's keep all of the post game discussion in the lounge thread.

amusing tassadar, your taste in companionship grows ever more inexplicable
"Let's get out of here..." said rabitZ wearily.
A fitting end!

I just wanted to make this my final post here!
Now I'm off to the lounge. :)