@PentagonBuddy: I actually almost never draw on paper anymore. You're right that composing stuff digitally is easier for me than doing it on paper. I tend to think in terms of blocks of color rather than lines, so Photoshop is a more natural idea generation environment for me than paper and pencil.

Thanks for the links! I downloaded a few brushes and will definitely give them a shot later. Someone else was recently telling me about Paint Tool Sai, too. I admit I'm fond of Photoshop, but maybe I should give it a try sometime.

@nh7: Thanks!

Anyway, I'm the artist on a small dumb game project for school, so I'm doing a bit of drawing for that today instead of monsters. Here's a hobo:

Since you pointed it out, I'm trying to work on my line quality more and draw with my arm more often. I think the lines are getting better but still pretty bad.
Yeah I think there is an improvement in line quality. Hobo-dude's lines look a lot cleaner than previous pictures. I also like the attention to stain detail on his shirt. Noice.

... I also like that image of those people spooning. It's well rendered and their forms look nice and meaty, with the curvature of the shadows and all that.
Peri you're too cool )''':
I'll also be referencing those links Pentagon dropped since I definitely need to learn more about this too ;w;

I love the design of your character and the beasties that accompany her. Spider limbs are awesome for adding creepy, but your use of them is also elegant. Also, I LOVE that bed scene. I hope it's supposed to be romantic because that's how it feels to me, even with the spiderhug.

I hadn't seen this one, Peri! Wow O_O I really, really like it! The expressions are great, and the hair and spider legs give it a very adorable touch, despite being... y'know, spider legs. The highlights and shadows on the hair and skin are great as well.

(I will definitely be stealing some of those tips, Pentagon, thank you!)
Haha, thanks, guys! Yeah, I thought the idea of cuddling with a tentacle monster was cute, so I drew it. I think things that are a little messed up are cuter, which probably explains a lot about my work.

Today I'm modeling my protagonist. I finally figured out how to do hair.

I think I'm gonna redesign the coat because it's boring. Coat is Marvelous Designer, rest is ZBrush + Max.

Man, rigging the hair is going to be a nightmare. I think maybe I shouldn't have modeled it perfectly aligned with the collar like that, but we'll see how bad it is when I try to rig it, I guess.

Edit: New coat:

Felt like doodling some characters from my old cyberpunk game that never went anywhere. Maybe someday...

Edit: I drew some more.

Edit: I like drawing.
Those look cool! So expressive and full of style~ <3
Thanks! I did more.

Also, I decided the armor looked better white.
I've been working on my model. Finished the low-poly model (again):
I wasn't really trying to optimize poly count much. Whole thing is about 48k polys including the base mesh, although I can probably reduce that by deleting some of the hidden polys. I'm not sure if that's too many or not.

Here's the sculpt of the shoes:

High-poly bag prior to buckles and stuff:

Trying to rig it now. Rigging is funny.
The horror of paint weights. I feel you man.
I know, right? :(

Anyway, Sai's cool leather jacket was so cool I had to make my own.

I learned a few things doing this, and now I feel like I need to redo the coat. :I

Here it is in ZBrush so you can see the details better:
Your 3D models look amazing >_<

I don't know anything much about it, but I have to admire the work that goes into the texture of the cloth even before the shaders (if that's what they're called @_@). I'm pretty sure I couldn't draw folds like that, let alone sculpt one in a 3D program lol.

Also, I love the design of her boots!
Sculpting cloth is in fact pretty hard! These are made mostly with cloth sim plus some manual sculpting touchup. We're using the same clothes-making program a lot of AAA studios are using these days.
Playing Child of Light made me want to try some watercolors, so I grabbed Corel Painter and played with it a little tonight.

Those are neato, especially the tree colors.
Liking the eldrich stuff as well; more since I started reading lovecraft's works recently for the eldrich lores I mean, the more you kno... wait, shit.

How the hell do you paint short curly hair? I cannot get this dude's hair to look good no matter how many times I paint it.
I thought drawing a comic might be a good way to get better at drawing, so I gave it a shot. It was a ton of work, though. Not sure if I'm going to continue it or not. I have the story planned out, though.

And character designs: