I was thinking about some game that had a great concept but horrible execution that I wanted to remake but couldn't really come up with any.

The only one that really came to mind was Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The gameplay is okay, but they really dropped the ball on the rules. In fact there was so much potential wasted in that game it was sad. The world-building part could have been expanded a bit. Possibly doing something interesting with that. Also the rules were a great concept but executed badly. I'd upplay the rules and add various things you can do to affect them better.

I'd also be happy to change the storyline around. I like the storybook concept but I think it could have been made better. Perhaps some kind of Neverending Story wibe with the creation of the world through the book somehow. And more interesting locations, preferably with more interesting characters as well. Possibly a bit darker and gloomier but still definitely a "children's book".

And be able to bribe the judges. I don't reember if it was possible but more politicking overall and make the judges more part of the story and the world.

Throw more permadeaths into the mix as topping and I think the remake could be a lot more fun than it was. So much wasted potential... so much...
I would love to see Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening as a 3D console game. Also, Grandia 2 handheld (preferrably DS) would be sweet. Also, WIP's suggesting rocked.
Golden Sun for GBA. It'd make one hellava Wii/DS RPG!
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Shadowrun for SNES. I kind of tried. You'll see the results on Release Something Day...maybe.
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I'd redo FF8: Make the gameplay more traditional/better, take out the stupid orphanage plot twist, switch Squall with Laguna (laguna = main character, squall = uncle), remove the gunblade idea, AND TAKE OUT THE STUPID CARD GAME. Oh also fire Nomura.

Despite all these flaws, I felt FF8 was a memorable game, its just so many things prevented it from truly shining.

So basically, you hate everything that made FFVIII my favourite Final Fantasy?

I'd want to remake...

Galerians - In the same vein as the Resident Evil Cube remake, I'd love to see Galerians return with smoother controls, current gen graphics and expanded scenes. It's a shame that Galerians: Ash was so horrendously bad really.
I'd remake Monster World 4, it never got a big release but was the most amazing game ever to hit the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) featuring a lot of fun levels and the traditional Wonderboy style of platform-rpg coolness. Now THAT is a game everybody should go look for the rom for!
Zelda 2. In 3D. On the Wii. With an even more fleshed out world.
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Custer's Revenge

With a more realistic ending sequence, I'm guessing?
I would like to also remake legend of zelda wind waker. I would make even more dungeons and bosses to play.
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With a more realistic ending sequence, I'm guessing?

Custer's Revenge doesn't have an ending. You just keep getting points until you get shot and die. I don't think there's much more to porn games.
I wasn't being SERIOUS. :<
I would re-make Dark Cloud. An epic game with a brilliant original idea, spoiled by repetitive dungeons, enemies and a lack of actual gripping storyline. Didn't stop me from completing it and I still like it, but yeah.

Luckily level 5 got the right idea with Dark Cloud 2 and Rogue Galaxy!
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Way of the Samurai.

You guys don't mind if I periodically change my answer, right? :)
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Way of the Samurai.
This is one of the worst games I have ever played.
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Way of the Samurai.
This is one of the worst games I have ever played.

You have not played enough games. =)
I would eradicate LoZ: Wand of Gamealon from existance.
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, as an MMO. Yes, an MMO.

WHAT A TERRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE would just flash up at the top, and every NPC in the towns would all just dissapear, zombies comin out everywhere...
Final Fantasy VII.

Mostly because I think if it was redone from the ground up, and done right it would be excellent.

Or perhaps Lufia I. It had some serious design flaws, but I feel a remake would clear that up.

Hmm, a remake of Final Fantasy VI~