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Heyo! :D

I am MadJak91 and you can call me anything you want although I like Jak, MJ, M'Jak and so on.

Not an RPG creator even though I played with a few RPGM programs in the past to various levels of success. I do not have much time but mostly the fact that I REALLY overplan my games -_-;

Limited but I will try to lurk and play some games.

I understand the struggles of an unknown hobbyist or creator and am pretty open to most stuff because we all just do what we can with what we have.

Currently into short/er games with some puzzle elements that can be completed relatively quickly or shorter standard RPG fare.
I also really like wacky and bizarre games as I enjoyed playing OFF.
I will look for some here or gimme recommendations :D

Other than that, I like to draw and I run a simple webcomic as a hobby only while the fun is there. My drawing is limited so nothing fancy but it is something that keeps me going these days!
Paint.NET and mouse LMAO! With genuine paint bucket flavor :D

I also say lmao/LMAO a lot.
I am also a trope trash.
Maybe memes.

See ya!
Welcome to RMN. Too bad about overplanning games, scope creep is a pretty big hurdle haha. Good luck if you decide to make something smaller!
Your mom is a hero
"M'Jak" *tips fedora*
Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay. (They took your soul btw)
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Heyo! Welcome to RMN!
I like your icon its very cute.

As for a short puzzle game, I enjoyed CASHMERECAT'S puzzle game called Account Mu.

RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Hello person which I totally do not know! :P

Welcome to the site MadJak91!

May you find cool people only and may the asshats avoid your path!
lmao welcome to rmn madjak!
Guardian of the Description Thread
The aforementioned Account Mu and the not-yet-as-mentioned The Book of True Will are, like, the only puzzle games on here I'm aware of. There's probably others, though.
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