Yeah wish you luck NeverSilent! I'm interested in seeing what everyones goals are.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I already sorta have something in mind for this. As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with any of the games I'm working on.

Good times.

*Edit: Wait, no, that's against the purpose of this event, isn't it? RE-THINK!
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Well, my first goal for the first week is to get 3 or more emotes done for Happup!
An example of an emote:
I'll join up. I have a lot of work to be doing.
Please count me in, but I'll better start tomorrow... Hopefully in the morning, IDK, I like to be chill... *yawns*.
Okay, first goal:
Redo the introduction of Love in Blue with actual text and see if I can't find a good size for the window to be big enough for an edited menu and message windows to be added.
My goal: Get cell heightmap drawing working (again) in my game.

Probably more detail than anyone wanted, but...
Basically the world is composed of cells: square portions of terrain which can contain entities, doodads, and props. A portion of the engine can work without drawing, too (mostly AI and physics). I recently refactored the drawing API, how cells and entities are stored, and the main event loop.

Now drawing no longer works, and a 'screenshot' of my game is just a log from the console, mostly about how long scripts took to run. Not very exciting!

The first step to getting drawing back is to fix heightmap drawing (since without that, it's hard to tell if the camera, entity drawing, physics, and gravity properly works).
Ok, mine is to make some chapsets. That means to make a hand-drawn world map, to choose locations and to make graphics in an editor. Wanna be finished by Sunday.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
My goal is to finish this waterfall map and make a good design for it too.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I started a dungeon for I&V almost a year ago. I'd like to finish that dungeon and all the battles and puzzles in it.
Interesting... count me in, then! I could use a little shaming encouragement.

So, my goal would be: finish that 'lifesteal' script that I've been setting aside for the past year or so.
Goal: Complete Charcoal City and Port Firia.

Means all npc bio's into the game.

All interior maps completed, named and mailboxes complete.

Quest Tracking into the game.

Add guild hall quests.

I have only been putting this off for about 3 years or so....
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Guardian of the Description Thread
For the most part, my goal will be to finish doing the Temple of the Spirit. This means the maps, the puzzle involved, and enemies/boss faced.

If I manage to finish that before the week is out, and I still have a bulk of time left, there is an experiment I want to try out: making a Suiko-shop. As in, create a shop whose inventory is based on items that players have seen in other locations.
Goal: Sprite and implement three of the enemies from the first dungeon into Songs from Aelsea.

If I'm lucky I'll get more than that, but three is a good number to shoot for.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
My Goal: To finish the next branch of Diabolica by next Friday. A branch is a series of 5 floors in a dungeon, complete with puzzles, scenes, monsters, treasure, and the like.
Sign me up, boss! Things have been a bit slow for me lately and I really want to step up my game!

Here are some of the goals that I'll be trying to achieve:
- Start sharing some of my music and some tracks from my games (I'll probably upload videos on YT and maybe Soundcloud. I'll probably make a topic for my music here at RMN too).
- Kick back some life into my YT channel. How am I gonna' do that? Well, I'll upload some videos of course (mainly the music I mentioned and some gameplay videos showcasing the games I'm working on).
- Finishing a certain quest for my current project.
- Replace/update the iconset for my current project.
- Give pixel art a shot; I just want to get started by getting something done. It might be a sprite, a tree, or just an icon.
- Create a thread in the Creative Corner where I showcase some different maps, in hope of inspiring others.
- If I get time, I'll try to upload a Mapping Concept video to my YT channel where I showcase some random maps.

That's about it for now, I guess. Best of luck to everyone joining in! Cheers!

EDIT: I'd also like to review a game on here!
Oh.. hmm. Sure, why not! I'm generally okay with things, but I've been a little out of it recently.

1. I want to comment on more music pieces before the event runs out on .. 16th?
I had about 40 already, 100 would be neat. Double achievment for double success.

2. I've been meaning to go back to regular Japanese practice. I'm the type to go for all or nothing, often, and knowing I won't be able to follow all of the lectures, I kinda let it slip entirely.
So .. that's for easy starters daily vocabulary and kanji practice.
-> doing Anki daily (flash card program)
-> doing .. say .. 2 kanji per day.

That's very doable.

^ This.

My stomach's rebelling but I just did my vocabulary for the day. Yay!
Also picked out a couple of kanji I need, so on to scribble them for a while now.

onna - woman - 女 
otoko - man - 男 
(earlier - saki - 先)
Got any Dexreth amulets?

The Anti-Procrastination Initiative has officially started! If you haven't done so already, you can announce your goal(s) for your first week from now on. I'll be keeping track of them, and of how much time you still have left, on the first page. Good luck, everybody!

P.S.: Sign-ups are still open for any latecomers who are interested in joining.

P.P.S.: @Marrend:
Anything you want to accomplish for this event is fine, as long as it has something to do with game making or RMN in general. You don't necessarily have to work on your own game projects in order to qualify - some of the participants aren't even game devs in the first place, and that's still fine.