Got any Dexreth amulets?
Alright, this is it, everybody! Over the course of the last six weeks, we've been fighting off procrastination together, and the results have been pretty encouraging. First of all, I want to say: Thank you, everybody who participated in the Anti-Procrastination Initiative!

I had the pleasure to keep track of all of your goals and successes. And while that was a bit of extra work, I must say I found it extremely encouraging to see so much productivity happening in front of my eyes. I feel very pleased that this event has resonated so well with so many people. And regardless of how many goals you ultimately managed to complete, I hope you feel proud of yourselves for the work you have done. But most of all, I sincerely hope this event managed to encourage you to keep up the productivity even afterwards, when there is no achievement to be aimed for any more.

Looking back, it's very obvious that the organisational part of the event was often very much improvised. In general, the rules were applied very loosely, and in the end they were more of an open framework than an actual structure. I wouldn't say this was necessarily detrimental to the event's accessibility or success, however.
Some people apparently like the way the event was set up. Others may not have been happy with it. And I realise that a lot of things could probably have been planned and organised better. There are definitely some things to consider for the future. But as a whole, I think it worked out pretty well, all things considered.

If you are interested in some stats, here's a little breakdown:
- Out of a total of 64 people who signed up, 35 were active participants (meaning they completed at least one goal).
- Of these 35 active participants, 23 managed to complete at least four goals, meaning they will receive the Anti-Procrastination Pro achievement. That equates to an achievement recipients rate of 66% (active participants) or 36% (all listed participants).
- Together, all active participants successfully achieved 125 goals total. This means that on average, every active participant cleared about 4.3 goals.
- The participants with the highest success count are Irog and Luiishu535 with 8 successes each. They are followed by zDS, thesacredlobo, Beaker and alterego, who each completed 6 goals.

In the end, all that is left for me to do now is to give another shout-out to kentona, who helped me set up this event, and give another huge thanks to everybody who participated, posted their work, gave it their best, or simply cheered the others on from the sidelines. Hopefully, you all enjoyed taking part in the Anti-Procrastination Initiative as much as I did. I hope to see you all and your continuing creative work around on the site. And if I decide to start another installment of this event at some point in the future, I hope we'll all meet each other there again.

Take care, everyone, and happy not-procrastinating!
I'd thank you for the achievement, but... meh. I'll do it tomorrow.
Wooaahh! Major congratulations to everyone involved! This was so much fun! And I fully intend to keep up the procrastination avoidance. Thanks again for the awesome event, and for the special achievement!
I thought this was all one big joke. "Goal 5: Giving people their achievement." Then having a week later "Goal 5: failed."

I'm a bit let down.
I thought this was all one big joke. "Goal 5: Giving people their achievement." Then having a week later "Goal 5: failed."

I'm a bit let down.

That would have been great. XD
Thank you for the organization of this event! It pushed MinST forward a lot. I really like those events not bound to a specific game engine.

The participants with the highest success count are Irog and Luiishu535 with 8 successes each.
Do we get double makerscore for it ? ;-)
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Is it too late to join in on this?

Yes... it's already over xD
@NeSi, I would gladly welcome another one in September. It was so nice of you to hold this.
(And thanks fot the achievo, Chitchat!)
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Thank you! I hope we can do something like this again soon, too. I'll try to make it a reality, anyway.
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I could foresee some goals in September that could relate to McBacon Jam 3 games, depending one when, exactly, it's held. It might also depend on how tapped out people are from that.

*Edit: Never underestimate the amount of work that goes into a game!