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Guardian of the Description Thread
Well, if the text of the window doesn't matter, maybe you can take a look at Myriad Cypher? That game shouldn't be encrytped, so, you can check out how that game uses a random number generator to create mission descriptions at random. While I doubt your game will wish to randomize the content of the text, it might still be worth taking a look at!

The scripts you will want to pay particular attention to are under the "Scene_Mission", "Mission_Menu", "Mission_Window", and "Mission_Data" headings.

*Edit: This blog has a few screenshots of the system's progression. The last two images...

...might prove useful.
Try setting the text box's contents to display a variable instead. Now you don't have to duplicate anything. Should be...

Control Variables : Script: "Lorem ipsum\nand another\nand once more, eh?"
Show Text: \V
Show Choices: Choice1, Choice2, Cancel
Hi, your method seems to work, but it doesnt seem to display correctly if i have

Control Variables : Script: "\C[4]\V[83]"

I'm guessing it cant be used like that. Is there any way to insert a variable's number into this?
It got omitted; it's supposed to be \v[]...

Show text should contain just "\c[]\v[]"

Control var should have whatever you it is you want to print.

edit: I forgot how the formatting works here now... but it should have the numbers you gave in your post there
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