Veteran student who has the knowl that is needed to answer questions and stuff like that.

I like the classic VX Ace RTP graphics because they are simple and stuff. But I don't like the battle system in VX/Ace. So I am just combing this site looking for games that fit these two criteria. I think so far the best game that fit this criteria is Lunar Wish, although that game isnt too impressive story wise.

Feel free to recommend me some game if you want. However I only prefer RMVX and above (e.g. VXA and MV) and a non-default battle system.

I'm making a game too, but since I am not an artist, musician, programmer, or writer, it's going extremely slowly. Maybe I'll have a 10% demo ready at some point.

See my playlist.

349 - Clock of Atonement
792 - Legionwood (in progress) (played on steam)
917 - Desert Nightmare
3554 - Star Stealing Prince (game's too hard... got to the dual boss or the king boss and got recked hard... looked up youtube and found out lots of youtubers also ragequit the game for beeing too hard... wow.)

3590 - Escavar Fathome (crashes)
3604 - Zephyrus (in progress, it's hard though)
3999 - Dimensional Warriors (in progress)
4057 - Ribbon of Green
4335 - Lakewood Story: Episode 1 (stuck)
4869 - Prince of Nigeria (VN)
5010 - Legendary (demo) (stuck)
5050 - Night of the Living Noobyas (in progress)
5274 - Last Dream (demo)
5288 - VolorN (got bored, sorry)
5304 - Seven Mysteries
5441 - Pom Gets Wifi
5535 - Leave
5618 - Desperate Love Feast
5784 - Punch Bears
5913 - AKEMI TAN
5946 - Pocket Mirror (omg Harpae took me years to figure out)
6022 - It Moves
6107 - Roaches
6149 - Six Rules (VN)
6232 - Dreaming Mary
6259 - Northwall
6347 - Peer Gynt
6366 - ED Skyward Temple (got too hard at some point, also crash bug)
6402 - Perspective
6469 - Sukutte - Save Me…
6508 - Painted Heart
6540 - Dear RED
6551 - Lost and Found
6560 - OneShot
6581 - Beyond Reality
6615 - Enigma: An Illusion Named Family
6782 - Promise
6851 - Silver Town
6889 - Ib
6912 - Imaginary Friends
7039 - The Witch's House
7046 - Middle School RPG
7096 - At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia
7233 - FLEX
7394 - Ayumi
7640 - Kissing Foes
7707 - Journey 2 the Shrekisland
7845 - Project 8
7740 - Dear Mariko
8002 - Another World - The Tree of Promises
8020 - Blue Moon Circus
8033 - Escalia
8094 - Blank Dream
8103 - Rivalry
8166 - Träumerei
8294 - Nightmare School
8352 - Chelsea
8365 - Toraware no Shoujo
8473 - Home
8534 - Nakaishi Wars
8659 - Dry Fate
8722 - The Huntress of the Hollow
8847 - When Yanderes Cry
8968 - Kindness Kills
9078 - Red Trees
9186 - To Find Myself
9215 - From Next Door
9218 - Mystery Dorm II
9272 - Party 2!
9273 - A Night at Hotel Deuce
9277 - RTP
9348 - Lavender
9371 - Ghost School
9390 - Maid of Fairewell Hts
9459 - The Bridge Tolls for Me
9510 - Mystery Dorm
9833 - Locked Heart
*meta means 'parody of RPG mechanics'

Amayado Bus Stop (watched on youtube)
A Beast Named Eliza (watched on youtube)
Ao Oni (watched on youtube)
CaNDLE (watched on youtube)
Capella's Promise
Class Oni (watched on youtube)
Cloe's Requiem (watched on youtube)
Coffin of Ashes (steam, watched on youtube)
Corpse Party -Cross Fear- (watched on youtube)
Corpse Party -Rebuilt- (watched on youtube)
Creepypasta Land (watched on youtube)
Creepypasta Land 2: SCP Force (watched on youtube, demo only)
Eternal Senia
Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout (watched on youtube)
Five Nights at F***boys (watched parts on youtube, maybe I should finish this)

Forest of Drizzling Rain (watched on youtube)
Go to Sleep (watched on youtube)
Hand in Hand (watched on youtube)
Hello Charlotte EP1 (watched on youtube)
Hello Charlotte EP2 (watched on youtube, very different from first one)
Hello Charlotte: Delirium (watched on youtube)
Home Oni (watched on youtube)
Killer Bear (watched on youtube)
Lonely Wolf Treat (watched on youtube, can't finish...)
Makoto Mobius (watched on youtube)
Mansion Oni (watched on youtube)
Mario Music Box (played, then watched on youtube)
Mikoto Nikki (watched on youtube)
Mystery Dorm (watched on youtube)
Nira Oni (watched on youtube)
Obsession (watched on youtube)
Origin of Destiny (steam, 90% of game is sample maps)
Paranormal Syndrome (watched on youtube)
Paranormal Syndrome 2 (watched on youtube)
Project "Fire" (steam, in progress)
Red World (watched on youtube)
The Adventure of High School Students (watched on youtube, combination of several anime shows. This is probably like everyone's dream game)

Toilet in Wonderland (watched on youtube)
To the Moon (watched on youtube, best story ever)
Truth & Trolls (watched on youtube)
Twilight Oni (watched on youtube, long)
Underworld Capital Incident
Utopia (watched on youtube)
Wizard of White Box (watched on youtube)
Yanderella (watched on youtube)
Yume Nikki (watched on youtube)

Some jeff games (watched on youtube)


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