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Saw the movie Pig (2021) recently, it was alright, it was a bit hyped up. I guess film people are so tired of John Wick movies that seeing a similar premise not tick any of the usual boxes (mainly pointless violence) feels fresh. It avoids the obvious and I didn't know where it was going but in the end nothing actually happens or gets accomplished. Which is the point I suppose.

I'm not someone who wants a loud action popcorn movie but I guess I wanted more detail from it? Idk have like a 10 minute monologue about the truffle business, least I would have learned something. Instead it was very minimal with half of the situations resolved with Nicolas Cage knowing a lot of people, like in a "howd this hobo looking dude get so many connections???? who is this guy????" which is not subtle at all and gets tiring after awhile.

I mean I """get it""" it's not really about the pig but the loss of his wife, or dealing with loss in general. But I also didn't really connect with the message which is more important than the message. I mean I had a cat die a year or so ago and had a lot of inner feelings develop from that isn't just about a pet but a sense of time feeling temporary and the melancholy that comes from that, something the movie barely scratches for me and idk. It also boils down to, there are things more important than business, and that's family : ) which Vin Diesel does a better job at conveying.

Now to watch Lamb cause I guess 2021 is just farm animal movies.
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
I just watched The Mist from 2007, very good horror movie.

Pretty sure the ending scarred me for life
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