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It feels like we should have a list of Letterboxd accounts on the main post here... Here's mine: LINK

Last movie I watched with my friend was Icebreaker. Sean Astin before LotR fame., playing a search and rescue type on a ski resort and having to fight terrorists. Funny as hell and surprisingly featuring Bruce Campbell in the villain slot. Definitely a watch for those who want a stupid ass rule of cool movie. 2.5 Stars out of 5.

I knew it was an obscure PS1 title, picked up a movie adaptation of it at a retro media store.

Kind of reminds me of being a kid, and watching some random garbage on teletoon, late at night.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Puss in Boots The Last Wish

Watched it a few weeks back and man, was that an incredibly enjoyable view. Absolutely recommend it to anyone. It's just an amazing movie all around.
Sheep & Wolves: Pig Deal

If I had to pick the biggest flaw with this film is that it borrows way too many plot elements from the first movie and suffers from a lot of writing issues. For starters why do the Dark Wolves care so much about what another pack of wolves is doing? The only answer we get in the movie is that the leader of the Dark Wolves sees sheep and wolves living together as going against the laws of nature. I suppose this does raise the possibility that the wolves and sheep living together is meant to be a stand in the for LBGTQ+ community. Though confirming that might be a bit difficult considering the animation studio behind this film is based in Russia. Or perhaps the whole against nature element largely comes from the English dub and was intended to convey such symbolism upon the good guys.

Regardless the movie ends with a bunch of wolves attacking a village built by sheep, but ultimately deciding to team up with them and go against the laws of nature.

Thankfully the look of the film is leagues ahead of it's writing, but visual effects alone don't make a movie and aren't enough to save the film. Thankfully it also includes some decent jokes. Though a few of them go on for way too long with one character being so dumb he can't understand that one of the female sheep is in charge of defense since a female sheep is called a ewe which the idiot mistakes for you. He then gets further confused by her name since she's called Carrie and thinks he's going to be carried somewhere. It's a really dumb sequence that goes on for the better part of a minute.

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