Well what game(s) are you playing at the moment?

I am currently playing Dungeon Keepers II and Fallout 3.
Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSX) - One word: AWESOME! The nazis have robots! THE NAZIS HAVE ROBOTS!
Xenosaga 2: Jenseits von Gut und Bose (PS2) - Ugh, why must a game so great have a sequel so boring? Hear the third is the best, though.
Manhunt (PS2) - Actually, I only just started playing and it froze up.
Fear Effect 2 (PSX) - This game is really fun, just wish it wasn't so damn hard...
Breath of Fire 3 (PSP) - Drones on at times, but it's getting better.
Mother 3 (GBA) - At the monkey chapter. Pretty fun, but when am I going to get to finally play as Lucas?
Persona 4- It's so addictive i can't stop playing it.
Valkyria Chronicles- Been playing this for a while.
Chrono Trigger DS- Just got to Medina Village, talked to the people at the square, wandered around 1000 AD aimlessly, went to 65 000 000 BC and wandered around THERE aimlessly, and finally looked at a walkthrough and found out I was supposed to go to 600 AD. This game REALLY doesn't like telling you where to go.
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3- For a console RTS, this is pretty good. The controls are really well done considering you're using a controller rather than mouse & keyboard.
Team Fortress 2- I'm finally getting back into this. Surprisingly, the 360 version isn't dead yet. Quite the opposite, actually; it's more active now than ever for some reason. The community is still only a fraction of the PC version's size, though.
Kingdom Hearts 2: Put $20 on that I could beat the game before New Years and I didn't realize the huge trap I walked into. I don't do it, I'm out $20. I do, and I had to actually play the game. Playing it because I hate myself
. I think I'm in the Lion King.

Picross DS: Amazing puzzle game for the DS. I've put hours into that game without regret. Working on Normal Level 5.

God Hand: Delivering face punches on Hard at Electric Cage Match. Not where I want to be on Level Die (and guess who's next? Azell!)
Chrono Trigger DS: On Black Omen
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Last episode. I've been putting this series off for far too long..
Fate Stay Night: Only Fate Route True End completed. Man I love these type of games, if just because I can make ridiculously stupid actions and have the game take me seriously on it.
Aquaria: Been putting this off too long too. Still at the beginning, which is really too aimless for me :(
Devil's in the details
Games I'm currently playing actively:

Been playing my copy of Suikoden which is still in awesome shape.
Just finished the first war and I need to go get Flick join me.

And Oblivion. Have been playing my wood-elf acrobat which I was thinking of turning into a vampire at some point. In the main quest I'm supposed to head to some shrine after some cult or something. Can't remember, I've been doing quests for Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood or what was it again.

And some games I've kind of dropped and need to finish at some point would be:

Final Fantasy XII: I still haven't beat it. Dungeon after dungeon. The story seems pretty boring and full of clishes to me, and well, the pacing is just so damn slow. I've been playing for 80 hours or something, and still waiting for something interesting to happen.

Kingdom Hearts 2: Which also suffers from pacing problems and most of the interesting things storywise happen in the very end of the game. At least most of it did in the first game. Though I loved the last bits of the first game. The Disney Worlds are usually really dull and don't have much connection to the plot.

Odin Sphere: Simple gameplay and kinda hard. The story doesn't seem original enough. Got kind of bored.

Wild Arms 3: I was close finishing this but the battles are all bugged for me in this part of the game. My game is broken it seems... ;_;

Start Ocean Till The End of Time: It's actually a while since I played this. It was alright, but I got bored somewhere when it was only town after another town.

I've also been playing Left 4 Dead pretty much. Got bored with it too, but it's still alright online.

Oh oh and Pokemon Diamond: I need to beat the last one of the Elite Four.
Grandia 3: Though it sky-rockets in difficulty druing the later part of the game, and the story is just shot and left for dead before it even gets halfway through...it's still fun! It's addicting to me, and whenever I play it it reminds me of Christmas (when I got it.) It has a fun battle system, the story is OK, and it's fairly good overall. I just hope if they ever make a 4th one that it's just as fun, though more balanced and with a...better storyline. One that they did not decide to leave about 1000 different unanswered questions in.

Kingdom Hearts 2:
I also got the urge to play this recently, too. But Grandia 3 has taken priority over it for the time being.

Chrono Trigger DS: Just beat Zombor. I hated this part of the game, because I got lost for such a long time last I played! (on the PS) Other than that, it's all been smooth sailing. Alot better than what I remembered, and what I did remember was actually real good!
Chrono Trigger DS : just started on it.
Tactics Ogre : Same here but I got bored since it's slow...
and....PC-98 Touhou :Finally downloaded it, going to start now...
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Chrono Trigger SNES: Just got Magus back, fighting Mega Mutant. Ah, memories. Also, I wish I had a fuggin' TRIPLE TECH for cryin' out loud!
Far Cry 2 for offline and Halo 3 / COD4 for online.
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Resident Evil 3, Parasite Eve 2, Dino Crisis 1.

Feel like replaying all those PSX survival horrors. They're still fun, esp. PE 2 (god, I totally forgot how awesome this game is!).

Next: Silent Hill 1. Also want to play Chase the Express, but can't find it anywhere :(
I'm playing Dwarf Fortress at the moment. I just went online for a bit to look what crops I should grow...
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Resident Evil 3, Parasite Eve 2, Dino Crisis 1.

Feel like replaying all those PSX survival horrors. They're still fun, esp. PE 2 (god, I totally forgot how awesome this game is!).

Next: Silent Hill 1. Also want to play Chase the Express, but can't find it anywhere :(

Did you know they're making Parasite Eve 3? I've been holding back from buying a PS3 to concentrate on school, but I don't know if I can stop myself now!
Forgotten Lands
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
I got bored of Chrono Trigger after unlocking three endings so now I'm back to playing Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars (GBA) for the fifth or sixth time.

I actually own the real thing now, thx Amazon
Currently Playing:

Chrono Trigger DS: Just finished unlocking every 13 endings yesterday.(I must admit that fighting lavos 12 time is quite repetitive -_- And I must had that the Secret Last Boss is too easy 0_o

Kingdoms hearts RE:Chain of memories: Funny. Vary to much in difficulty's tought ! Organisation XIII are too hard and everything else is too easy -_- Anyway. I'm on Floor 6 right now (halloween town)

Persona 4 : I'm still waiting for my copy to get at my Videogame store -_-

The Last Remnant: I'm on the edge of letting it down..really to repetitive..and the story and context remind me of FFXII...which is bad in my opinion

Games I've let down:

Star Ocean First Departure: I got bored..to repetitive

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth: same thing has above.

Wild Arms XF : I just didn't get into it.

Disgea DS: Same thing has WAXF.

Project sylpheed: Wow o boy it sucked..

I Have over 300 rpg's in my collection and well theres a ton of them i just let down or didn't try yet..so i won't cover them all but those are the recent one XD
Lumines and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time