I'd like to request two old games for the RPG Maker 95 that I loved way back and now they are missing from my backup CDs and harddrive:

Tales Of The Wind (the RPGM95 version, not the one for RPGM2000)
Pokémon: Evan's Adventure (although the page on still works, the download link doesn't)
A request for an older game, possibly RM2K, maybe 2K3.

I can't quite remember the name of it. I think it was something like Aurora or Aura (and no, not the strategy one). It was about a girl who ran into a ninja and she was a reincarnation of some goddess?She got kidnapped, you had to go save her, the ninja turned out to be some immortal guy who'd originally fallen in love with her previous incarnation and had to kill her. I think she had an amulet? And she ended up with one angel and one devil wing.

I used to have it on a disc, but I've lost my 'Full Games' disc in the last move so a bunch of games are now gone, but that one kinda sticks out in my memory. Any ideas? ^.^;

Alright, I am about to list some games with the word Aurora that I have. Maybe one of them will ring a bell. I have no idea what they are about, since I haven't played them.

Aurora v2.6 for RM2k by EntrionEmpire
Aurora Wing for RM2k by DFalcon
Aurora's Tear - Demo v2 for RM2k by Phoenix Down
Ooh, found it~
It's called Aurora by RogueSenny. Here's a link if anyone else wants it.
Link Here!
Hello I like to make a request for Legend of Zelda Time's Menagerie. I have the copy myself, but it got corrupted and with Mega upload gone, it made things alot harder.

Kaliesto: Halfway down the first google page was this link:
Maybe try a google search next time?

Or you could ask him for it via his deviantart page, which was found via the wikipage, which was the first link in the google:
Kaliesto: Halfway down the first google page was this link:
Maybe try a google search next time?

Or you could ask him for it via his deviantart page, which was found via the wikipage, which was the first link in the google:

Oh that file, I wasn't sure what that file was for, but it's sound effects for a character.
For TheChosenFew, here's RM2K, A History Through the Eyes of Rusty

This might not be what you want, it's Secret of Spriteland, probably v2, but it's been modified/updated slightly by SRS.

Hey, I'm looking for the RM2K Sample game Abyss Diver #0. Could someone please upload for me? All the links I've come across have been dead.
My mind is full of fuck.

not sure why it says banned, I don't remember going on there not much, but I don't know if the game is still in that thread.
Scrap that, I found a working link:
I think have shut down, maybe. I've been getting the same message.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.

Liberty's been going through the games with downloads on RMN and found a bunch with missing downloads, so I went through the database and queried for "megaupload". Here is what I found was missing downloads:

Klonoa RPG
Shadow's Reach
The Adventures of Two Guys
Take Down: Lambs of Destiny
Everlasting Journey
Grave Spirit
Sonic PUZZ
Alien Bounty
Maia 2K3
World Crafters
Cyber Factor
Final Fantasy: The Phoenix Prophecies
Projekt Soul: Eternal Soul
Take Down: Panda of Truth
Take Down Legacy 1: Asgard
Take Down Legacy 1: Remix
Befallen Kingdom Demo
Demon Destiny 1~ The Warriors Of Legend
Hyamlan's Secrets
Knight Templar
Jeremiah's Bedroom
Blizz ABS Arcade
The Elemental Stories
devil Theory: Alpha
Your Star
Dream Odyssey
Wooby RPG: Legend of the Woob Blocks
Awesome Quest
Ebon Scape
The Case of the Man Who was Decapitated
No Home for Old Men
Resident Evil: After History
Ultimate Battle Gate RPG Demo Version
Zombie Hunter: Mini Game
Asylum of pleasure & pain:Psycho killer Mental breakdown+Know your true Enemy
Rescue Reidman IV
Dream fighter
RPG Party
The Legend of the Dragon Phalix II
Legacy: Salvation

I am personally not interested in getting downloads for these games, but others might be, and just for awareness here they are!
Batman: Dark Quest (rm95). I don't think it was ever finished, looked pretty cool though and would be awesome to play a demo.
Can anyone reupload Final Fantasy High? The url is invalid.
Boss Project Remake, this is a bit of a reach considering Ephiam himself doesn't have it, and it was originally on filefront which obviously got shifted, but someone out there must have it. Possibly already requested, but never found it.
I have a game request which could be quite difficult, since I forgot said game’s name, however I do remember some of the details.

The player controlled a character that had long brown hair and wore an overcoat; the first part of the game took place on a speeding steam-punk style train, where the player fought off enemies called “Nuls” or something. After this, something happened and the player ended up in a cell of some sort, where the main character befriended a mouse/rat thing which joined the party and helped the main character escape. I don’t remember much after this point.

The game was predominantly Steam Punk/Western and I think used Final Fantasy 6 graphics throughout, I know for a fact the main character was a modified Final Fantasy 6 Setzer sprite and used a handgun/revolver in battle.

Any help in finding this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
My mind is full of fuck.
Hello. I am looking for a game (I believe an rm2k game) and I can't remember the title at all. Also I'm not positive if it was a completed game, but I remember making a decent amount of progress in it at least.

Anyway I'll list what I think I remember about the game:

I remember the game started out in a town, and you'd have to explore the town and do some sort of task and then go to sleep to pass the days by.

As far as what I remember from the plot, I distinctly remember a cinema of some sort when the main character arrives in the second town. You see a group of monster hunters defending the town from some monster. You join the group and go off to some cave to prevent monsters from attacking the town. The monster hunter group all get killed off, then there is a boss fight with a dragon. After you beat the dragon and leave the cave, there is another tough fight with a minotaur. This is as far as I ever got in the game.

The game definitely used a lot of RTP monsters and characters, I think the main character was custom however.

If this rings a bell and anyone might have a guess at the name of the game I will check back later on.

I mainly ask because it has been many years since I played any RM2k games, however for some reason I distinctly remember parts of this game. Let me know ya'll.

Alright, new request list.
I am looking for:
Take Down Legacy - Episode 1 - Asgard
Take Down Legacy - Episode 2
Take Down Legacy - Episode 1 - Remix
Take Down - Panda Of Truth - THIS GAME FULFILLED - Thank you sbester. <3

I have been searching for download links, but I only get links to megaupload now...
I don't have any of the games that have been requested previously except "Final Fantasy High v2.0". I will upload that later tonight. =)

Also, if anyone has a relatively large RPG Maker Collection and is interested in helping me find some titles I don't have, PM me. I have about 133GBs myself. So, I am sure we can both find something we want. =)

EDIT: - Final Fantasy High v2.0