I think there may have been a demos of Legion Saga R and Curse of Silence that are longer than the ones you're suggesting, which I believe are the ones that Kamau released when he quit RPG Maker. I'm not sure though.

Has Kamau ever came back at all to say what's up? I'd like to know how he feels about his games nowadays.
He thinks they're really bad. Hilariously bad. ^.^;
Especially now that he's in a more professional line of game creation. I had the chance to ask him when I did the LPs for the Legion saga games.
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Is Final Fallacy considered obscure? And what about Vampires Dawn (german game, acclaimed one of the best rmk2 games when it came out). I can get both.

EDIT: and what about Yume Nikki?
That's funny. I don't think they're the greatest games ever, but they do have a certain charm. When I first played Legion Saga II, though, I thought it was the greatest thing ever (the gameplay is extremely broken though, just get a bunch of small repair hammers and you can get every character's attack up to 999)

@iddalai, Would you mind uploading both? I'd love to play through Final Fallacy again, and Vampires Dawn seems interesting.
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He thinks they're really bad. Hilariously bad. ^.^;
Especially now that he's in a more professional line of game creation. I had the chance to ask him when I did the LPs for the Legion saga games.

I also thought it was a really cool game, depends what you're comparing to, I guess, if you're comparing it with some of the best commercial games, then, of course...
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Beloved Rapture pretty please, the megaupload link on it's page is now defunct. :p
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I have a version of Beloved Rapture, I'm not sure if it was Blinds last release though. I'll edit my post when I've uploaded once I get home.
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Beloved Rapture! Shit sorry I'm late man. Today was crazy.
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There are 3 games on this site, but they're not on RMN. Actually I don't think there are any kirby games on RMN.

Looking for the RMXP game "Crepusculum" by CERU. It was a survival horror game in the vein of "Silent Hill". I can find information on it online, but can't find a valid download anymore.
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I sent him on a message on by accident, and he's not there, when he was active around 2009. oops.

Do you mean Crepusculum X?

Anyway, can't you use wayback machine if you wanted?
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I know where you found Lunatic Gaming Chain Game:

It has the same corrupt zip file. Seems whoever made that site didn't notice that when they uploaded it to Lycos (now Multimania) that the file failed to be uploaded in its entirety.

Back then 56k was not just slow, but unreliable. You never knew when your ISP would break/reset the connection or when someone might pick up the phone and cut it off. That's probably what happened.

Which means it's very unlikely that anyone has a playable copy.
Major late reply, but I started the LG chaingame. I'll upload it for you!

Does anyone have Spirebattle R by Taylor `y' Josh for RM2k3? It was a mostly complete game where you equipped abilities with the default equip menu and it had that awesome ABS. Plus, the storyline was decent.
There are 3 games on this site, but they're not on RMN. Actually I don't think they're any kirby games on RMN.


Kirby Warrior's RPG was the only RPG Maker 95 game I've ever played, and ironically I think it was the first RPG Maker game I ever played at all. - Spirebattle1
I am not sure if that is the Spirebattle you are looking for, DragonHeartMan. I just happened to have it in my folder and uploaded it just in case.

Alright, two requests....
I am looking for an older version of Destiny's Call. Not the complete version. The version that used rl faces.
I am also looking for iLL nATURED 1 by Locus. The download on this site doesn't work.
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Spire Battle R was never released, trust me I looked.
Well there were two 2k3 games which weren't english (they were Espanol, or Spanish. I don't know)

One started with a girl in a forest. The map was a REFMAP map which was a floating world style. (It wasn't Ara Fell) the music would play and you'd get a bit of dialogue in Spanish. So you'd run south across a bridge (I remembered that there were footstep sounds for the grass, and going over the bridge too). And then you'd run right past another bridge, but the screen flashed white and it looks like the girl fell off the world. - That's the best information I can give about that one.

The second one, I have NO memories of it--completely gone from my mind--but the game was in Spanish or Espanol again. The title screen was I THINK a Dragon and the text was red.

EDIT: Nevermind, I got both. Turns out I hit a stroke of luck and my brother had both games on his laptop. If anyone's curious.

This one

The other one was a game I'll try to upload to somewhere later after school finishes.
I hate to be a bother, but does anyone have a copy of RM2K Survivor: NYSE Demo 3? The megaupload link posted earlier in this thread is dead now. If not, no big deal, but I just remembered playing that game years ago...
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Alright, the download for Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance was removed from GGZ for some reason, none of Indogutsu's games are available anymore because his site (that contained links for his games like LeGend Unabridged and DW4:R) shows blank now.

So, does anyone have Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance anymore?

Shichimenchouken is gone, as well.
Dragon Warrior IV - Renaissance - Demo v3.1

RM2k Survivor NYSE - Demo #3

Scichmenshoken - Sword Of The Seven Faced Bird

Alright, hopefully I can at least get this game request filled....
I am looking for an Dooms 5 Demo that I think was posted on GamingW by MisterBigT. I heard it was really buggy. I think that was the only version of it that got released, I am not sure though.
EDIT: I just discovered that there was a demo also hosted on So, it should be more widespread than I originally thought. =D I am still needing it though.