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When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
The battles look so slow in the trailer! I was getting bored to tears. This will be a failure. FAILURE! It can never compare:

For those who have not played DMC before, you now know why we can't accept this >:(

(Also, the emo Dante has tiny guns compared to DMC 1-4 Dante.)

dante > bayonetta

dante > new dante
The battles look so slow in the trailer!

Are you really making judgements on the gameplay based on a cinematic trailer? Or is there some other trailer I have not seen?
I'm saying they make boring battle scenes
You probably mean to say the action scenes. DMC is famous for its over the top CRAZY action scenes (craziest in DMC3). The new one looked pale in comparison.
how dare they debase such a great work
dante > bayonetta
also just dmc > bayonetta in general

bayonetta wasn't that good imo

oh look, that cutscene ended half a second ago, guess it's time to hit the player before they have time to even grab the controller
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
onimusha > dmc
Wario's-a number one!
It's made by the guys who did Heavenly Sword. At least we will be able to do awesome shit that was in the cutscenes.
dante > bayonetta

dante > new dante

dante > bayonetta > new dante :P
I half expect Dante's hair to turn white after some event in the storyline. This is a prequel after all. Also, to add to the sidebar discussion, I think Bayonetta is better than DMC.
A friend of mine told me about this and, I quote, he said that "it'll piss me off."

I watched the trailer and I'm like "I'm not pissed. He's still a badass." Yeah, I think the new Dante is cool, eat it.

I was never a huge DMC fan, though, so I guess that's why I'm not all like "WTF!?"
It's not that big a deal to me either, although Tameem saying that Dante doesn't look cool and then putting himself in as the new look makes me cringe a little.
Is it just me or does it look like he came straight out of Twilight.


A shoop after my own heart! This is what I was thinking, as well.
I don't get the rage, I never liked the old Dante to begin with, he was too much of an arrogant prick, and too bishie looking for me to be able to play any of the previous DMC games for more than fifteen minutes, and chances are I'll never even touch this one.

So why am I posting? Dunno, Schadenfreude I guess, it's nice for a change to see other peoples favorite series gets totally ruined. Heh;
RMN sex symbol
Hey that's a really good photoshop picture. If Ninja Theory choose to make a film, hopefully this picture isn't seen.. Although Capcom would have to sign off on it too, given it's their property and all.
Oh perfect i found some lulzy images you may enjoy

Well, it IS a prequel. It's kinda cool to see a character's beginnings. I guarantee they'll eventually get him to look like old awesome Dante.
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]this is a scene kid:


woah, this guy is pretty hot

the new dante is not that bad, but he does not look like dante. i read an interview where they said they wanted to modernize the series; if the old dante design walked into a tokyo bar he'd be laughed out of the place nowadays. i guess they think the new one wouldn't.
Yeah, Devil May Cry like Final Fantasy is now dead to me.

Its time I moved on anyway,

Yo Ciel you sure thats a dude 0_0? I'm so confused about my sexuality right now. haha kidding but seriously he would make a good girl, with enough beer and vodka might end up thinking the new dante's cooler and this dudes a hotter version of Lindsy Lohan.

hehe nice manga.
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