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I had a really tentative game concept about a cyborg who finds 'personality modules' and can wear one at a time (each would give it a different set of attacks, and would subjectively change the entire level around the cyborg to suit that mental 'paradigm'). I thought if I let the main character select and use three depletable personality modules per battle, like Pokemon basically, that that might be fun and also leave some room for strategy. It's not a very fleshed out idea, though, obviously. -_-'

I'm currently making a single character game for the game drive. But mine is unique in the fact that there is only one character. No not just one playable character but just one guy in the entire game. The premise of the game is that the main character wakes up one day to find that the world's people are gone and now monsters roam the streets at night.

Sure, I think it could work, at least as far as story goes. If you've seen the first half of the first episode of The Walking Dead it also uses that type of plot pretty effectively, IMO. Maybe you would want to make a relatively short game though?
Yellow Magic
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I was about to yell CASTLEVANIA IDIOTS before I saw the OP. Disaster averted

Yeah, I thought Chimera Report's battle system was pretty sick. Shame about the balance issues, and also it'd probably work a lot better in XP/VX though where everything's not as tile-y (oooh that's an idea)
I'm flattened that no one mentioned Parasite Eve until page four.
Also, a game I liked (for no apparent reason) was MAGE, an old, rather unknown rm2k game hosted actually at QueensCourt. (And only there, I think. If they remove it, I'm gonna commit suicide.) it has the simplest of CBses and CMSes, but it's really kinda fun, I liked it a lot. Seriously. Also, Azure Dreams could count, as it is not an action RPG... Incredibly, it IS a tactical RPG. It IIIIIIIIISSSS.
And it's seriously awesome. Ok, no constructive ideas to add to the tipoc, tough. *melts away*

edit in 2015: wtf did i mean with I'm flattened my english was the shittiest thing on earth omg
Come on people lets get this topic started up again. It just starting to get good.
Slash's Super-Deluxe Solo RPG with a Twist of Lemon

Slash is a loose cannon cop on the edge who doesn't play by the rules.
He's out to solve the mystery of his murdered partner, who was murdered most mysteriously and murderously. He was the only person in the world Slash trusted, and now that he's dead, Slash must learn to co-operate with those around him, and re-learn what it means to trust someone.


Also his nemesis is an Axe Murderer with a British accent, who is really quite polite. He has taken to midnight walks around the city of Himbleshire, where he enjoys the peace and quiet. He doesn't like it when people scream at his grisly attire and his giant axe, and to still their tongue he has no respite but to murder them most mysteriously and murderously.

Slash, being a loose cannon cop on the edge who doesn't play by the rules, has no teammates. He relies solely on his amazing gunsmanship, science-surpassing medical knowledge, and highly developed Cop Reflexes.

Slash starts every battle with full AP, and 100 EN. He also starts with 100 HP, but this doesn't regen after battle.

Armor Points - Every battle, Slash starts with full AP. Depending on what body armor you have equipped, AP may be between 50-200. When Slash takes damage, the brunt is absorbed by AP, but some passes through to HP, depending on the body armor equipped. AP can be recovered easily in battle using skills/items, but skills/items to recover HP in battle are costly. Out-of-battle HP recovery isn't terribly difficult, however, due to food items.

Energy - Every turn, Slash gets 100 EN to do with what he wishes - these power his special attacks.

Each command can be used once a turn, except Typical Gun Attack, which can be used twice, and Defend, which can be used as many times as one can afford.
Typical Gun Attack: 20-30 EN (including normal attacks & attacks with cheap effects like poison, def/atk down, etc. - can be used twice a turn)
Powerful Gun Attack: 30-50 EN (including all-attacks, powerful statuses like sleep, stun, doom)
Support Skill: 30-60 EN (includes self-buffs, repair AP, status removal, etc.)
Defend: 20 EN (reduces AP&HP damage taken by 15% per charge, can be used multiple times)
Item: Costs no EN, but can only used once every 3 turns.

Some skills have cooldowns associated with them as well as EN costs - they can only be used once every few turns. In addition, leftover energy will be stored for use on the next turn, up to 150 total EN. You recover 100 EN a turn, so you do the math.

Finally, as the story progressed, you unlock Big Guns.

Big Gun: 150 EN (equip an awesome gun with special attacks for three turns, such as: Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Chaingun, Satellite Laser, and Quad Pistols. However, Big Gun has a long cooldown, disables your other moves, and for the duration, AP will reduce no damage.)

Battles will involve assigning multiple attacks a turn, repairing armor, spending extra EN on defense when needed, saving EN when necessary, busting out items if you need them, and of course, Big Guns when the time is right.
Statuses will be of particular importance, especially disabling ones like sleep or stun. These will allow you to disable a dangerous enemy temporarily while targeting his friends. Poison will rack up damage quickly on your unattended targets. Most battles will be against 3-8 enemies, who will die fairly quickly as long as Slash doesn't dick around. Bosses will involve complex strategies of enemy teams who must be disabled quickly, disabled with statuses, as well as reaction-based strategy (big attack coming in two turns? Better save EN for Defend. Boss weakened temporarily? Time for a Big Gun!)

Music & Soundtrack

Noir, fitting both dark humor and stupid humor, also awesome.

The future is in your hands. That is, if those hands have grabbed a strong hold on Slash's Super-Deluxe Solo RPG with a Twist of Lemon today!
My game has one character. The idea behind it (if I can get it to actually work is another matter) is that Melee weapons are relatively weak and only allow one attack per turn.

Guns, on the other hand, are more powerful, increase your critical hit rate depending on calibre, and allow for multiple attacks per turn to level the playing-field when faced up against multiple enemies who all get a single attack each.

Semi-automatic guns - x2
Full Autos - x4 - x6 (possibly)

In my game guns basically turn your single party member's attacks into that of 2-6 party members. The mechanic is meant to make the player heavily dependent on ammunition. Obviously, more powerful guns will consume rarer ammunition and guns that attack more times than others will consume more ammunition per turn.

That's the theory anyway.
NewBlack: That sounds pretty interesting. Would there be a point to melee weapons at all? In Parasite Eve, melee weapons (batons) were weaker and had a very small range, but had lots of passive perks like Steal (or Mug, I suppose) and Auto-Potion.

Also being able to combine the functionalities of the guns in a system similar to Chrono Trigger maybe would be really cool, if you could do it!
Well, melee weapons are the only weapons that don't require ammunition. So it can pay-off to not waste your ammo on weaker enemies and solo enemies where you can easily manage to take them down.

Also, in my game, whenever an equpped gun runs out of ammunition mid-battle; the character automatically reverts to using his survival knife. Luckily, the survival knife has it's own set of skills that are only available whilst the knife is equipped.

Additionally, guns are the only weapons in my game that can be used with "Tactical" equipment (which uses the rm2k3 default "shield" slot) which boosts stats when combined with a gun.. But are not equipable with a melee weapon. :)
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