Cray, that all looks really nice, but I really think the walls and roofs could use some borders. It's very hard to distinguish some of them when I looked. Everything else looks pretty awesome, as per usual. But yeah, at least a black line or some kind of "separation" for the edges of roofs and the like. That'd help it stick out more. But it looks great!
Damn, I've been thinking in doing that, I always forget to do it when I'm in front of my pc though, thanx for remembering me.
Thanks guys. I like the smaller characters too - easier to edit. ^.^

That looks pretty good, Cray. It's been a while since I last saw a screen of yours that wasn't a battle screenie. Very nice. ^.^
Cray, the colours are atrocious, especially the rooves and the character set. You've got really bad inconsistency with the contrast (like in the doors and then on the streetlamps). You're mixing different shading styles (you have a noisy style on the grey bricks, the walls of the buildings seem to be textured, and then the doors are just solid white). I just generally don't like what you've done there. If you're trying to make a custom chipset, start with a colour palette and go from there, is my advice.

I've been working on a new game and playing around with some battlers. I should post some videos or screenshots of the level-up system. It's pretty much the same as the License Grid in FF12.

I could probably use a way better set of backgrounds, but FF:Origins seems to have the only panoramas/backgrounds that look good.
Two Screens from the opener of my first game, "Lessents Story".

I edited the first map after I took this shot, it isn't open to the right before that one cliff anymore...

@Terin: I would definatley suggest a better backround. You character looks as tall as the sand dunes! The character himself doesn't look to bad, but his enemies should be facing him.

@SEimagery: Looks good, I like the atmosphere.
Good call, iamnot. I didn't even think about the direction of the monsters. I'll have to definitely fix that! And as far as the backgrounds... Yeah, he is pretty tall. I just need to find a decent and consistent set of backgrounds. I'll have to check out Charas later on!
author=SEimagery link=topic=965.msg15326#msg15326 date=1210218536
Two Screens from the opener of my first game, "Lessents Story".

I edited the first map after I took this shot, it isn't open to the right before that one cliff anymore...

Your username is oddly appropriate. Seeing as that first screen uses an SD3 set, and the 2nd uses CT or the set from DQ6's short beginning.

With that said, the extra cliff helps to fill the map so it isn't so empty looking anymore.
I'm not sure if your saying you like it, or if you hate it lol. I only am using that CT panorama for one scene, my game is mostly refmap.
author=Cray link=topic=965.msg15208#msg15208 date=1210193550

Yeah there are minor problems or whatever but I think that it really looks great overall and you should stick with what you've got.
I think I'll desaturate the roofs a bit, and add more details to the doors too.
but I'm pretty satisfied with the rest of it...
Anyway thanx for the C&C Blitzen and Brandon.
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I'm not sure if your saying you like it, or if you hate it lol. I only am using that CT panorama for one scene, my game is mostly refmap.

If that is the case, don't use SD3 chipsets for the beginning. Consistency, sir!
Speaking of consistency. I took the liberty of making a new castle for Sirdeka.
Thus is what I came up with...

Sentiments please.

Sion, you keep making me wanna change all my maps cause yours are fuckin awesome.

It's aestheticly pleasing to the eye, some people would complain about the elevation, but when your in the game, your not surveying land, your walkin around, and this map looks like it would be awesome to walk in.

I like how their are scout towers down below, but on the 2nd level, they look a little out of place.

Also, those bubbles above the NPC's head, are they subquests or something? I stole that idea from arc the lad, just wondering if you were doin the same thing. But it looks awesome. Good job, keep it up. ;D
@SE: Thanks man, I worked hard on it.

The npc's with bubbles trigger the following type of events.

The "..." Bubble or "Dialogue" bubble trigger informative
events, or events that have to do with conversation. Many
of these help improve a character's "Destiny Thread" or
bond with another character. Improving this stat is
beneficial for powering up the two-person skills called
Destiny Bonds.

The " ! " Bubble or "Event" bubble will either trigger some sort of event,
or sidequest. Some merely being extra scenes and some
bearing rewards depending on what the particular event

I've added this element to the game to promote exploring.
Finding these npc's and talking to them opens several
doors. By taking a break from the plot and searching
for as many of these guys as possible can definitely
give you an edge over other obstacles in the game.

I added several of these events to the castle to
give the player an early since of the concept
early in the game.

@ Sion: That's awesome, very nice. If you have ever played Arc The Lad, they do a similar thing, except your system is more detailed haha.

Anyways, redid my whole intro (again), and made it so the player is actully playing within the first few minuts. Working on the shitty DBS...faces are placeholders lol.

@SE: The only Arc The Lad I've beaten
is Twilight of the Spirits. Though that
was years ago...

I'm really digging that battle BG.
Is the silver haired guy supposed to resemble
Locke of FF6? Seeing as you're still trying
to set your battle system up, are you going to be doing
anything special with the DBS to make
it stand out?

He's not suppose to, but whoever made that charset, basicly made Locke in REFMAP form haha. He's known as Lessents in my game haha. Those two characters will never fight side by side though, was just testing their animations and such.

And i'm struggling on how to make it interesting at all. I don't know coding (this is my first game), and I have a few ideas, just no idea on where to start :-\

Oh, and I never played that one, I think i'm thinking of the old ones, my bro got the anthology for the PSX. Great games, get that set if you ever come across...
Best advice I could give you considering this is your first project, is to just have fun with it. Use the project as a means to get better at using the program in general.
My first game in rpgmaker2k3 sucked ass. This was 3-4 years ago. The game I'm working on
now is my 2nd, and has been in progress since then. I've yet to release it because of my improving my skills as time has gone on. Once you do so as well you should start tackling those creative ideas you have. Best of luck,


The Interface is completed. Allow me to note, this was taken in the editor and is not a mockup. The only thing that's prospect to change is the Enemy Window which was originally placed on the far left with the Character windows, but had to be moved
due to limited space. Sentiments?