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That looks clean and simple, however, I think you should but the bars above your overlays.
Yeah, makes sense. I'll do that, thank you.
Hell, while I'm at it:

This is not but a compilation of the recent screenshots
I've shown over at GW.

Verridianne, stop talking and start hyping your awesome game :(

or something, Y'know, I've always had a thought of making something in the industrial-age-fashion. And yours looks pretty damn good.
Yeah, make sure the HUD is on top of everything. I think that you should move down the HUD thought, minus the Skill box. I think it would look better all the way on the bottom of the screen. It's probably a matter of preference, however.
Nice to see another new person. Welcome, Sion.

Also, nice screenshots.
Thank you, doesn't seem to bad around here...
And though I know I'm getting stupid with it now:

Haha alright, I'm done for today.
But in all seriousness, I'm glad to be here.

My post was directed towards Sion's battle shot, by the way. A couple people posted right before I did.

EDIT: Sion, the elevation is screwed up in a lot of places. The cliffs to the right, for example. They appear to meet up with the wall but they are not the same height, if you can see what I mean.
Er, that pretty much was the whole town anyway XD

@Sion - 4 screenshots at once, this is hardcore! If those screenshots were food, they would be donuts, since donuts rule.

I can see your inspired a lot by LOPS.
Ha ha always the usual from you HolyFlame/Sion. Looks stunning I have always loved your maps...did you make them all urself or what?
@Deathmetal: Yeah I see that, never payed too much attention to that aspect.
How would you fix that? Should I make the wall taller/shorter or stop the
cliffs from meeting up with the wall altogether?

@Wing Guy: I am, Me and Nemesis are pretty cool.We tend to inspire each other, IMO.

@Sanosuke: Yeah, I sure did. I've formed a bit of a talent in mapping. And that's a good thing, concerning the fact that I've been doing it for so many years...

Just make the cliffs a tile or two shorter and it should be fine. Definitely keep the cliffs.
I am here to steal the thunder with old screenshots

member of the bull moose party
For some reason,I really like the window in your new Vereta house.

And yes, I will post screens shortly. - -
Me And you are gonna have to have another Map Battle soon...
Put you back in your rightful corner. Hehehe,

Nice as always.


EDIT: Seeing as we're posting old material...

Your maps are amazing, BlindSight. The only thing that bothers me about them though is that the Suikoden tilesets don't fit in with the Rudra ones. They still look great though.
And Sion, that is awesome. How long did it take you to make that? The only thing I don't like is how it looks like some of the trees are growing out of the cliffs.

It's the only good screen I have on hand. I am doing something about the two RTP charasets.
@Blind: You already know I like those got a way of adding depth to your maps that I usually don't see, well done.

@Sion: Again great map: Nice and large...shows effort!
@Deathmetal: Meh, it took long enough... I usually map in that perspective to show an object is behind another one.

aboutasoandthis: Looking very solid. My only small suggestions would be, as you said, to do something about the relatively contrasting RTP Charsets. Likewise, perhaps a slight screen-tint would serve the ambience? Just a thought. Nice work!
@aboutasoandthis: That's a pretty solid Star Ocean edit. I think the map itself is fine, though, like Blind said, it might be a good idea to add a small tint (darken it a little bit), since the bright RTP sprites are contrasting quite a bit against the dark chipset (and that applies to all four of them).