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Oh shit, Parappa the Rapper, I remember those games, they were the shit haha.
Bob the Minotar.
Seriously, No one remembers this game nowadays, and I used to play it all of the time around 2000.
step on the gas
step on the gas

step on the brakes
st-step step on br-br-brakes

I still play Parappa games.
I also make love to Parappa music (I'm srs) and sprite to Parappa music.

Oooh shit! This game was so big in the 90s. I used to watch my friends play it all the time. 90s culture<3

Rise of the Dragon is brilliant, but sadly only six people played it. In fact, Sega CD itself was brilliant and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise.

My favorite Sonic game, and it's so overlooked.

Two of my fav sega games as a youth that no one talks about much anymore. I couldn't beat either to save my life, but they were fun.

always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Should I feel old? Because all the games mentioned I remember.
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I don't have any screen shots, but I have many a fond memories of a certain post-nuclear-apocalypse RPG. No, not Fallout, but it's predecessor, Wasteland. Not sure if that would be considered a game nobody remembers, but it's certainly an oldy-but-goody.
@DS: Yes, yes you should feel old. I scrolled through this list and it was like a walk down memory lane.
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I expected an obscure game in the very first post, but no! Destrega is one of my favourite PS1 fighting games. I even own the original version of the game on disc which I still play on my PS3 every now and then. Hell yeah.

But seriously they need to make another game like it. Destrega was like a fighting game version of chess. Not many attacks or anything, but there was so much strategy involved due to how the magic system worked that it was INSANE. My brother and I were pretty pro at the game back in the day and we'd put the timer on infinite and have rounds (not matches) that would go on for sometimes FIVE MINUTES.


Here is another PS1 fighting game that I LOVED but the critics and reviewers tore it apart.

It had a pretty lame final boss character. It was a dragon named Kron that became playable after unlocking all characters and it had this really stupid one hit kill attack which was unblockable and could not be stopped. A friend of mine would always picked Kron and use the move immediately just to piss me off. It worked.
Did anyone ever play this game?

I remember playing it when I was younger, just accidentaly stumbled upon it while surfing the net.

EDIT: Other game that I used to play when I was younger, had a lot of fun too:

The underwater level with the dumb giant fish was fucking SCARY, I used to quit the game the moment I spotted the huge bastard :)
Awesome monsters, and quite a lot of hidden stuff all over the levels.

I actually liked this game.

A classic in my opinion. :D
I think everyone remembers Day of the Tentacle!

How about McMurphy's Mansion? It was an old text based game I found on a couple of computers at my high school. You had to go around solving riddles and problems to discover hidden gold bars.

I remember one kid got frustrated and just tried typing "Get Gold Bar" in every room of the mansion.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Somehow, I just got a faint memory of Curse Of Babylon. I'm sure nobody remembers that!
Most of these are games i've never even seen lol, i'll add my contribution:
Most of these are games i've never even seen lol, i'll add my contribution:
I can understand this game;

(I fucking loved this game as a kid!)

but what I don't understand is how people fail to give TYRIAN the praise it deserves;

I mean, it's probably alexander brandons best work. and yes, better than unreal tournament.
Tyrian is AWESOME, used to play it all the time with a friend whenever I came over.
I hope a lot of people DO remember this awesome piece of gaming greatness, but still throwing it in this topic anyways, just to make sure.

Best pixel-art game intro I've ever seen.