I found these in a really old issue of gamefan, which I got for my birthday
many many years ago. I never got a chance to play these...

Brain Dead 13 was featured on Splatter a show that specialized
in covering the animation industry which was shortly cancelled. Outside of the magazines
screenshots, this was the only time I ever got to see this game in motion.
it's another FMV-based game.

Everyone remembers Tempo for the 32X, I just don't remember
it ever being this fluid.

...Namco made a Mortal Kombat Clone?!?

FMV based games were such a short lived genre,
with all the audio clipping, pausing and limiting controls, It's hard to imagine
that at one point games like Battle Heat PC-FX were believed to be the future of the industry.
...Ohmygod, they actually say it, they actually say Turrrnadddoohhh-aaattaacck!

...What's Alundra doing on the sega genesis?!?
Guardian of the Description Thread
Seems to me absolutely [b]nobody[/b] played [i]Weird Dreams[/i]. No, I'm not talking about [b][url=]]my[/url][/b] [i]Weird Dreams[/i]. [img][/img] Yeah, [b]that's[/b] the [i]Weird Dreams[/i] I'm talking about!
Weaponlord was pretty fun, once you got used to the combo based system and conquered the difficulty curve. The key was to kill EVERYONE the first chance you could, because if you didn't you had to fight them ALL again, and they definitely seemed tougher the second time.

Of course, this was pretty tragic for Korr, but all is fair in the life of a barbarian.
I found these in a really old issue of gamefan, which I got for my birthday
many many years ago. I never got a chance to play these...

...What's Alundra doing on the sega genesis?!?

Its not too late:
double switch will always be my fave fmv game

"you let those suckers get to the power box!! and now we're all cut off...."

RIP core haim
Here are a couple of other games I came across in that old issue of gamefan.
Again, I’ve never played these and all I have to go by are the screenshots;
it’s really strange to finally see these games in motion.

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Team Innocent looks like an animated survival horror game released for the pc-fx.
(2D sprites on prerender backgrounds).
Unfortunately (…fortunately?) other than this intro movie...
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...and this promo that shows off a bit of game play, there doesn’t seem to be any
playthroughs of it on youtube.

I'm gonna post a bit of the preview from the magazine

The story here is a deep one… The saga unravels as professor Chrono Enhancer creates three perfect children using biotechnology; He is soon found out (dabbling in bio technology is illegal) and arrested by the GCOP. The three little girls are adopted by the GCOP and trained as a special task force team… Team Innocent. You come in when the girls (now obviously grown up) are on a routine mission, which coincidentally leads them back to where they were created. Up to this point the girls believe their father to be dead, but as the story unravels they discover that he is indeed alive. This leads us (after 20 or so hours of beautiful action role playing) to the imminent confrontation between the lead character in the game, Saki, and her father/creator. Crushed that she cannot reproduce, love, or lead a normal life, she is overcome by her anger and… you can guess the rest.

Games like this will never be made, or come out, here in the land of the big license, and that makes them all the more appealing to me. I don’t understand a word of Japanese but somehow I knew exactly what I was doing (the adventure is very visual) and thoroughly enjoyed this entire game. Now I hear that a sequel is in the works. I will be waiting… patiently. E.Storm.

Hahahahahaha...ahh. Poor guy, :'(

Skeleton Krew, along with Batman and Robin, Xmen 2 and Beyond Oasis, were some
of the last few games to come out for the sega genesis. Again, I never got to
play this only because I could never find a copy of it at BlockBuster.
Which is a shame because growing up I was huge fan of multi-directional shooters.
...Yea, DeadNation was terrible.

Even though it was available, I never picked up Desert Demolition.
I wish I had now simply because due to licensing you’ll probably never see
this game released on any other system ever again and I absolutely love,
well animated, faithful, licenses video games.

They even play a drum roll at 1:36, just like in Whoa, Be-Gone!

Space Griffon VF-9 (formerly known as Hamlet) looks like a sci-fi first person
shooter for the Playstation with really cheesy voice acting synced up to
animated character ‘facesets’,
honestly, I have no idea what this game is but
I love it already!

Apparently, 94’ was also the year of the multimedia video game crash with
the Sega Genesis, 32X, Sega Saturn, being released, along with the Atari Jaguar,
PC-FX, 3DO, Playstation and the SNES being on the market.

As a whole it was interesting, because I think this is where we saw the most change: It seemed as though the medium itself was struggling to cross that threshold between controlling a character that travels along a two-dimensional plane, to controlling a series of full-animated clips, "virtual reality" and then finally, fully crossing over into the world of three dimensional gaming.

if you played dark/demon souls you'll probably understand how the games came about from this.

I was looking for some game with commando in the title where you play as some guy in a red suit like iron man but i found this instead. one of those annoying locked camera angle games except with more focus on combat. looks cool

I like how this game tricks you into thinking its an RPG at first, then it becomes a fighting game, then a sim, then a shmup. it's interesting how ambiguous this game can get.

I remember getting into snes emulation and translation patches back in early 2000ish and discovering that a sailor moon RPG existed. I'm not a fan of sailor moon or anything but it was just weird seeing an anime turned into an RPG so I was pretty curious.
Winback: Covert Operations

An early progenitor of the cover shooter. In retrospect it was pretty average in terms of quality, but I played the hell out of it.


A game that should have been 80s action flick. Easily the most metal thing on the N64.

Star Wars: Battle for Naboo

As much as I loath the prequels, I have to admit I liked Battle for Naboo. It was basically Rogue Squadron set during the Phantom Menace and featured some awesome space battles.

Conquest: Frontier Wars

Probably my favorite RTS outside of Homeworld. Frontier Wars was such a cleverly strategic game and was designed in such a way that a significantly weaker player could hold off a much stronger one if they managed their defenses properly. Plus...WORM HOLES!
This is a -crappy- but weirdly...somewhat...sorta... fun Zelda clone from my childhood called Monkey Hero, for the PS1. Based on the same Chinese story the Dragonball shows were based on, though a completely different adaptation. Back when I used to Let's Play a lot (2009) I recorded it because it made for funny commentary. Forgive the high-ish voice, I was 15 when recording this (17 now.) I'm not thaaaaaaaat fond of my older work and parts of this annoy me nowadays, so if I do start LP'ing some RMN games, don't judge me on this two and a half year old video... Just in case someone actually watches it after the million other videos on this thread. XD

Still. I doubt people remember the game and it's a guilty pleasure for me.

(Sorry 'bout the sound in that video. Every other video in the LP has better sound, just unfortunate the ONLY ONE to glitch was the first one. XD)
You have a british accent. That is freaking awesome!
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
(Maybe he's British?)
Australian actually! I generally say that AFTER people have made their guesses since nobody gets it right. Ever. XD Unless they're also Aussies but I don't know if this community has many... or any...

Some of the character voices I use are accented, though.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Battletanx looks fucking epic. <3
lmao. you actually can't identify an australian accent. wow

(monkey hero is better than zelda)
Battletanx reminded me of something...
BATTLETOADS! Screw the Ninja Turtles!

author=Gavaroc Fevinor
Australian actually! I generally say that AFTER people have made their guesses since nobody gets it right. Ever. XD Unless they're also Aussies but I don't know if this community has many... or any...

Some of the character voices I use are accented, though.

Don't worry, it's obvious that I love aussie accents as well.
Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

Yeah, it's pretty damn hard, but considering it's based on an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, that's not necessarily a big surprise.
In what universe are people forgetting about Battletoads? It is never overlooked in any listing about difficult/awesome NES games.
It isn't the game they're forgetting, it's this
Battletanx looks fucking epic. <3

The story when you really think about it (gangs of men armed with tanks duking it out over women) is really silly, but it's fun in that same vein as The Road Warrior.

The game itself is still actually pretty entertaining. It's fairly standard vehicular combat but it's solid and featured a lot of fairly innovative features for -that era. Destructible environments, for instance, are an ever-presence. Albeit in a rudimentary form.