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RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Tomba! I love this game.

Cyborg Hunter, one of my favorite Master System games.


Live a Live, an obscure Square game that never made it outside of Japan, you can still play it though, it's divided in several chapters, each chapter is a mini rpg in a different time and age with different characters, but it all comes full circle in the final hidden chapter, it's really good. Google it up for more info.

Bomb Jack, played this a lot on my spectrum.

Anyone remembers VTMB? (Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines)

Hell yes, i love that game. Also loved redemption. WAs hoping they would make more. I heard the people who are making eve online are creating the online version Vampire.
Lone Wolf, or something cool.
Anyone remembers VTMB? (Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines)
Hell yes, i love that game. Also loved redemption. WAs hoping they would make more. I heard the people who are making eve online are creating the online version Vampire.

*sigh* Well, Troika Games (the developers) went bankrupt shortly after finishing the game... a sequel is rumored to be in production, but I don't know should them rumors be trusted :P
Oh man.

Koudelka, which has undead bacon in a very meaningful way.

Albion, which predates James Cameron's Avatar by over a decade.

Toejam and Earl, which not even the power of nostalgia goggles can make appealing.
My mind is full of fuck.
Maniac Mansion? anyone?
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
Oh yeah, Maniac Mansion is awesome.

What about the Romancing SaGa series?
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Maniac Mansion =/= Nobody Remember
This was a game that my elementary school had. I think it was a tie in with the math books we used. It's an obscure Mac Puzzle/logic game called Zoombinis. Just watching this is giving me crazy nostalgia chills.

This game came in some kind of software bundle my parents bought. I think this might have been my first FPS and I think it predates Quake by a month or so. I had no idea it was a Bethesda game until recently.
My first fps was goldeneye for N64. my favorite pc game at that time was Dark Forces 2- Jedi Knight. was even part of a gaming clan for it back when the msn gaming zone was meh i hate it. But gotta love the good old days of gaming. Good times good times...
I’m gonna be a bit surprised and maybe even a little upset if no one can remember this next one: Kido Keisatu Patoreiba or Mobile Police Patlabor as it’s referred to in the West is an anime/mangaseriesblahblahblah, nobody cares!

Here’s a clip from the Opening of the OAV to get idea of where this is from;

(go to 0:50 for the crazy money shot)

Now, they’ve released several games throughout the series over a variety of platforms. The latest one being for the playstation portable. But the one everyone should be familiar with or at least check out is the one they released for the Super NES. If you haven’t seen this game in action and still work with rpgmaker2003 on a regular basis, you absolutely have to play this game!

It’s basically a Strategy RPG, kind of like Vanguard Bandits or Final Fantasy Tactics except without the elaborate customization or depth those games are known for. Personally, I’d like to think of it more as a turn based action rpg, particularly focusing on one on one close quarters combat.

…It’s actually a little hard to describe and it’s something you really have to see in motion, and since there aren’t any decent videos of it on youtube, I decided to compile one myself.

How it works though is basically this: An enemy approaches you in real time.
Once they’re within your range, at anytime, you can hit the A button and the game
will pause and place a target over the enemy you wish to attack.

(Offensive and Defensive Battle Menus respectively.- If you look carefully you'll notice in the video
that the background usually changes green or red to indicate an incoming attack from your opponent.
It's a very subtle visual cue but it's neat how it immediately tells you, you're in danger.)

Once you’ve selected your target the battle menu will open. There, you can choose to either strike your opponent through brute force such as punching, kicking, throwing or use a variety defensive maneuvers and disarming techniques utilizing police equipment.
Eventually with enough experience you’ll be able to combine these techniques and perform devastating blows against the enemy.

And in special cases if the Patlabor has a mannered pilot, you can even try negotiating a truce very much like the first episode in the series.

Now the game is very easy to play through, very straightforward, but the reason why I've decided to mention this game specifically, why you should check it out if you're still using rpgmaker, is because every action in the game is played out through these very simple, but very elaborate, gorgeous manga cutscenes.

Now this is such a great idea. Because like, what better way to exhibit the artwork of a japanese comicbook series than to have these scenes play out exactly as they appear in the show in such a way that the player feels a part of that experience?

But regardless, this style of "game play" is definitely something we should see more of. I mean sure it's a gimmick, but I’ve always wanted someone to take this idea and make it into his or her own thing and turn it into another game of sorts. The beauty of it is that, if this were fully animated or done in 3d, it wouldn't look as impressive; if these were clips taken from the show, it'd feel kind of cheap and almost cheesy like one of those FMV games I posted about earlier. And if it were done in 3D, you'd naturally want to interact with the game a bit more in a way that doesn't feel quite so limiting. So in a way, something this dynamic, can really only be achieved through 2D, parcel animation.

I've always believed someone could easily recreate this type of battle system in rpgmaker2003. But to pull this off you would need a really good illustrator, someone who actually understands the human figure and how it moves in three-dimensional space as well as composition, in order to create those really powerful dynamic shots as this is what makes the game so brilliant in it’s execution.

...So yeah, Kidoukeisatsu Patlabor for the SNES. Check it out!!!
Guardian of the Description Thread
For some reason, I was thinking about Psycastria. I never got past the second stage of that side-scrolling shooter. But, really, it's all about the main theme.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
The Humans (Genesis)
Midnight Rescue! (PC)
Cross-Country Canada (PC)
All The Write Type (PC)
RESCUE: The Embassy Mission (NES)

Yeah, I'm even older than all that. >_>
RESCUE: The Embassy Mission (NES)

I own RESCUE, it's such a damn hard game! How you ever get a sniper further than the first spot is beyond me!
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
I got one to the far side. It really doesn't matter much, since you just run around killing everyone with the helicopter crew.
Fun game though. One of my favourite NES moments is when you're sneaking to a sniper location. Maybe why I love Metal Gear so much?
The music when you're dodging spotlights is kickass.
Wait a sec, where'd the spotlights come from anyway!? You don't see them any other angle or moment. It's not like there was gunmen on the roof with lights. You'd kind of notice them when you play as helicopter crew.
Wilderness Campaign, an old Apple // game. Sure, a simple DnD clone, but I loved it when I was a kid. No, the Apple // is about a decade older then me, we just inherited our mum's.

Atom 20, another Apple // one. This is historically important, as it is the game that inspired Oregon Trail. Post-apocalyptic trip, looking for survivors, a few years before either Wasteland or Fallout.

Faxanadu, again. I loved playing that game with a friend of mine, and I recently bought an NES copy.

Platformers. I loved Jill of the Jungle, I think one of Sweeney's last games before taking a backseat at Epic (Epic Megagames at this time.) Along with Jazz Jackrabbit, Cliffy B's first game (If I remember), Crystal Caves and Duke Nuke Em 1 and 2 by Apogee, and Captain Comic. The last is an excellent game by a guy who only did it, then disappeared into the unknown. It is really, really good. Pickle Wars, which I should buy one of these days. I used to play it when I was a kid, and, just checked, it's still available for purchase.

Jetpack is a great one by a one man team. Indie before it was cool. Guy was working on a Jetpack port for DS, but had some health issues. Sounds like he's back, and back to working on Jetpack 2, so we're good. =)

There's also a squirrel platformer I used to play a shareware version of, but I can't think of the name right now.

Also, Impression's City games, such as Caesar II and III and Zeus. Some of my favorite ways to kill time.
Anyone remembers Bucky O'Hare for the NES?
The game was fun and challenging, and it featured impressive level-design ideas for the time.
My mind is full of fuck.
Hugo's Mansion was fun and difficult at the same time.
I have no idea what other people know, but I'll just assume that you've never played C-Dogs (or you did and just forgot :P)

Oldschool DOS shoot-em-up. Had a level editor and co-op play. I was so into this game.

Heck yeah I remember this one, good ol' co-op fun! Usually just ended up using nothing but the flamethrower...

Now, who remembers Castle of the Winds?

Or Captain Comic?

There was a demo of an old PS2 game that I remember playing called Haven: Call of the King.
Pretty sure that faded into obscurity.
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