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In a Slavic-inspired world filled with fairy tales, you are the teenage girl who knows little to nothing about her parents. By nature's grace, she was sent out on a quest to find the truth and collect all four Datura Crystals.

Who are these mysterious creatures - Datura - and how they affect the world? Who lives in the world you know so little about? Mysterious kumi race, mushrooms, bookworms, spirits, and people - meet them all and learn about their culture.

You will travel through several continents and islands, but your journey will end where it began - in your own village, Zevana. Will you get a happy ending?


It is a jrpg-like game with a lot of adventure, quest elements, some puzzles and collectibles. There will be battles, too. I am still working on the battle system, but for now, I can say there will be real physical battles, weapons and equipment, and there will be mind battles with Datura creatures.
Also - if you are going to play the upcoming demo, I suggest you check every bookcase ;)


I am the only developer of this game. Graphics take a lot of time, and I want every character to have a face and a sprite. There are also a lot of objects I have to draw. Therefore I cannot say how soon I will be able to upload a demo. My native language is Russian and I will translate the demo to English myself. If I decide my game is ready and good to go, I will find a professional Russian to English translator (my profession is sadly English to Russian translator) for the whole game.

The demo posted here will be free to play, obviously, and it will contain the first part of the journey (there are four). I will be more than happy to hear your critiques, as I wish my game to evolve to be ready for Steam.


Art - 99%
Plot - 100%
Gameplay - 100%
Music - 5%
Voice-over - 80%
Translation - 2%

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