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--------------------Echo607-A Fangame--------------------

BY- Believe Soft

In this game, you are gonna play the role of a very famous game developer known as Echo607. The aim of the game is just to upload an Intro for your game but that drives you into a fight with a ninja!

First you have to find a way to get to the base of the electricity conductor.
Then, you have to help the man and try to get him out of the place. If you get him out, then VOILA!!! You have done it. You are also going to visit more houses and talk with other characters. There's also a cat who always gets away from you. The plot takes during night time.

The game is very short and not a very time dedicated game but I have put my whole heart for creating this game.

Click on the link below to download the game!!!

Be sure to check out my Youtube Channel:-

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