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A somewhat grim story of a Choco the chocobo and a moogle called Mog, who ventured upon a misterious island in search for "legendary" treasure, but found something entirely different.
The game itself is based on my simplified Chocobo's Dungeon engine, which is actually a modification of unfinished Zodiac Towers game.

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  • Cancelled
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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Platformer Adventure
  • 03/04/2009 12:15 PM
  • 06/25/2018 02:06 PM
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I just beat chocobo dungeon for the Wii, this should be interesting.
Chocobos are awesome I will wait for the full game.
I didn't like this... this game is too dependent on hit detection and the way RPG Maker is set up, that's hit or miss.
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Random thoughts

intro was a lil to long for my taste

playing as a chocobo pretty fun idea much better then a human male im tired of that crap...

the gameplays different then average,no battle system(at least not yet) but exploring and timing :3

are hearts and coins supposed to respawn?

would be nice if game did not pause when you picked up a heart

you can get on the mountains should fix that unless theres a secret

O M Gawd! i DID NOT expect a scary scene in this time of game after that kind of gameplay!
those eyes..

you find people not found lol...
(meet up with mog)

starting too see more and more grammar mistakes in town
"You are just a treaser hunters"

wo wo wo let the player click when done reading!

save in front of the cave would be nice

cant believe that not only are there so few comments the last one was that long ago! people really need to get it together and be more vocal with over 300 dl there should be more comments!
(hate lazy stupid and cruel people)
whether its good or bad you owe it to creators of anything to provide feedback positive or negative but try to be constructive at least!

that aside...

This is short can beat in...under a hour
so yeah its short
you play as a chocobo and collect coins which serve no in game purpose
and dodge enemies and a difficulty of very easy-medium(not chooseable)
^no battles

theres very little story and what i assume to be the ending is not even finished...
pretty much nothing to interact with

if it at least had a proper ending(which wouldn't of took much effort at all...)
and a purpose for the coins this would of been a decent game
as is its a disappointment
in which after a fairly nice into imo anyway was a huge let down

i do not recommend this
Why does this game still has status 'Cancelled'?
There is an update on russian forum ^.^

Really cute game with great fairy-tale atmosphere.
I enjoyed graphics a lot: many details are borrowed from different games (trying to remember, where I've seen these bushes, that gem and this stone, was really amusing), but it combined in a meticulous way and the picture, that we see in the end, is pretty harmonic. If I didn't know that elements are from different resources, I'd might think that they were drawn spicially for this game.
Background music is good, but it's sound effets that I want to highlight. The way Choco replyes to most of the questions is really cute. There is no "Ok", "Roger" or "Well", just a nice sound.

Of, course, the game has flaws (to few chances to save the progress, sometimes the character is really slow...), but it's really worth playing.
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