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Progress with events - Puzzles? Your input!

I'm working pretty obsessively hard on my game at the moment, because luckily, I have the time to do so right now.
I pledged to myself, that I'll work at least 1h every day on the game, no matter how busy (or not) I am - because I really want to finish this.
I owe it to the people who are involved, I owe it to the people I annoy wth my ramblings about this game - and I owe it to myself.

You see, I first attemted to do this project, when I was about 16. I got pretty far, but then my computer broke and all the data (music, art, my progress) was lost.
I was devestated.
It took a long time (Obviously, seeing how it's almost 4 years later!) to find the motivation and resolve to try again.
Of course, I made a few changes to the game (seeing how, in hindsight, my first attempt was kinda shitty), but the name, the main character and much of the premise stayed the same.

Right now, I am in the middle of eventing. The only thing, I can really do without the rest of the face art, is write the texts for the objects you can interact with. I'm already done with 4(?) maps - out of 45. I am steadily working my way to the last one.

Ringelingeling ringelgingeling hier kommt der Eiermann!

I know, it's not exactly classic literature, but just wait and see... wink wonk

And even though this is a lot of work, it's tons of fun too!
I just love doing this!


Since this is my first game, I am kinda scared that I'll fuck up the gameplay part. Thinking of puzzles that fit into the world of the game and are fun is kinda hard. I am trying to gather as many ideas as I can, but I am still really insecure.

So, I decided to ask you guys about it.

What are your experiences? What puzzles are overused? What puzzles would you especialy like to see/solve? Do you think that riddles are boring or that the can be a lot of fun?

I'd really appreciate your input!

Anyways, that was pretty much all I wanted to tell you.
Thanks for taking the time out of your day and reading my dumb blog.

Until next time!


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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Working on your game 1 hour a day at least, that's a good habit in my opinion.

As for puzzles, well, as long as they are understandable and apply good logic, anything goes I'd say. How to make them feel like they fit into the atmosphere of your game is another thing and requires some more thinking in my opinion. I suggest trying to come up with a puzzle on paper and using different colors while you're making up you puzzle on paper to make sure you don't get lost on what does what.

As for riddles, I find them to be neat as long as they aren't too complicated but I suggest maybe adding some kind of multiple choice option for when you answer the riddle and if the riddle is answered wrong, have the player suffer some kind of slight consequence, that way they'll actually try to put some effort into thinking about the riddle and they won't just try out all options until the riddle is solved. Alternatively, you could make the answer of the riddle be a number that would work like a password, in which case it will be nigh impossible for player to just try over and over again until they solve it. (unless they are patient enough to try out all different number combinations)

That's what little input I can give, sadly I'm not that creative when it comes to creating puzzles, so my help here is limited.

Also, I don't find this to be a dumb blog, I find it to be properly informative and asking real gam mak related questions.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I am the absolute worst when it comes to puzzle ideas, so I totally understand the lack of confidence when it comes to them. I mean, it's not like I haven't made stuff like push-block puzzles, word puzzles, switch puzzles, and maybe something else that I can't recall. Maybe none of them are any good, and maybe my head is not wired to find puzzles fun, but, I try.
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