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400+ Downloads! And a IRL event!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the game to get it past 400! It's a nice round number to celebrate!

Also, I wanted to let people know that I'll be presenting Risen at Kobe-Kon in Everett, Washington this weekend (July 13-15, 2018) as part of the Seattle Indies arcade room. I was honored to be invited! As my game is a JRPG tactics, and Kobe-Kon is an anime/cosplay convention, the organizers thought it would be a good fit! I look forward to meeting people in real life and saying hi! I'll also have At Last Alone keychains to give out to people who promise they won't throw them immediately in the garbage with the rest of their con swag (conference rules says I can't sell them...).

Progress Report

Tiny update!

I created a new download that includes a tiny update to Risen. I have been googling and doing some brainstorming and came up with solutions to a few things that have been bothering me:
1) I was able to add trees to the scenery in isometric view. This sounds simple, and the solution ultimately was, but it took me a while to find the answer.
2) I was able to add windows to the buildings in isometric view. Another tricky thing. Took some extra photoshopping.
3) I was able to unencrypt the file so others can look at it. It was originally encrypted because I had some paid-for plugins that I couldn't distribute. But those are gone (and were causing conflicts anyway, so a good solution all around).

I also made a few tiny changes and improvements to skills, enemy placement, hero placement, and some tiny dialogue changes.


First RMN Review!

Big thanks to AkarithePeanut for their thoughtful, fair, and well-written review! I've been able to make some new additions to the game since it's release and will be uploading a version 1.2 in the coming days (hopefully this weekend).

There still won't be a tutorial for it though! ;) So be prepared to be thrown into the deep end immediately!

After watching some people play IRL, I will recommend that: In those instances that you can't attack an enemy because they've moved away, be sure to use an Energy move or Skill move to buff your stats. Also, be sure to get the treasure chest on the boat when you first begin the game! Items are meant to be used!


IGMC Judge Feedback is IN!

Check out the tab above that includes their thoughts and my rambling, not-totally-salty response.

In all seriousness, big thanks to the judges for their time and thoughts! I will definitely take these things into consideration on the next tactics game I make, which is in the works.

TL;DR: 3/4 stars, a few issues, but generally okay.


100+ Downloads!

Thanks everyone for downloading my game! We recently hit 100 downloads! Combined with the 50 or so downloads over on itch.io, things are going really well!

I haven't heard much feedback on the game... But I'm taking that as a good thing: No one has angrily posted about how an event is broken, there's a game breaking bug, they're stuck, or they got offended/triggered by something. Also, no one has told me that I'm stupid or that I should kill myself. Considering this is the internet, I think that's pretty good!

If you liked it and participated in the IGMC gamejam, I must make my obligatory request that you think about giving Risen a consideration for People's Choice! Give it a click if you liked it!



I'm really happy to get At Last Alone: Risen accepted here at RMN!

As stated above, this game was developed for the IGMC 2017 competition. And, despite only having a month to put it together, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

I hope you enjoy playing the game. Please leave any feedback you want down below. I don't plan on expanding this story or making any substantial changes to things, but any constructive feedback will always be used for my next game!
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