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Such a dreamy game...

  • pianotm
  • 04/11/2018 12:42 AM
Name: Dreamaria

Developer: Healy

Story: You play as Mora. They're having trouble sleeping and they go to a doctor for treatment. As the treatment begins, they find themselves in a dream world populated by witches and imps. The witch Arielle tells Mora about the world travelers. If Mora wants to be a world traveler, they'll have to prove it by solving problems on other worlds. The world I visited has Mora trying to help the Sea King successfully pull off his 1000th-anniversary festival. I saw Liberty play the other world in a let's play.

Writing: Wonderful! It's nice to have a story that doesn't bog you down with excessive exposition and presents what exposition is there in an interesting and engaging way. Good pacing and good humor here, also. I have criticisms that I can think of with regards to the writing, and I really would like to see the next part of the game. This could end up being Healy's best game, if they finish it.

You must choose, but choose wisely!

Gameplay: For this demo, the gameplay is entirely dedicated to object finding and puzzle solving, though there don't seem to be any typical puzzles that you see in an RPG. There's really not a whole lot to say about gameplay here. The game is entirely seek-and-find in nature with a bit of item gathering for puzzle quests. The real joy here is the story and the wonderful visuals that go with it.

Graphics: White Screw Store graphics! I feel like these beautiful sets aren't used enough in games. The mapping is fantastic, and the parchment system window goes perfectly with the story. The composition between maps and music goes wonderfully together.

Am I the only here that finds the concept of fish eating sushi to be incredibly disturbing?

Sound: I'm not sure where the music comes from. I didn't pay too much attention but it all complimented the game quite well. It wasn't wholly forgettable and I'm pretty sure most, if not all of it, wasn't RTP. The entire game really had a dreamlike quality that the music really drove forward.

Conclusion: Maybe I need to start examining these games more closely, but once again, I have played a game that I can find no real criticism of. As it stands, if this were a complete game, I'd probably rate it at 5 stars. It has nothing to do with my biases in favor of anything clearly influenced by Arthurian lore.


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Thanks for the review! I've been trying to get myself motivated enough to complete this for a while now; I've got some free time this week, so maybe I'll hop back into it.
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