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1hr of good-quality cuteness and enigmas

Charm and mistery are the best words I can use to describe this game. An interesting kingdom to explore with different kinds of sentient beings, art scenes filled with tenderness, and secret messages, almost like whispers belonging to some characters. Become Paletta, the daugher of the Moon, the embodiment of innocence and pureness, and come forward into a dangerous world to get it´s colours back.

Please be mindful the spoiler tab may contain SPOILERS.

Character Background and Development

Amazing at the beginning, regular in the middle-end duration of the game. This is because in the game start there are subtle hints for a realistic personality in the NPC´s, to the point I was surprised by their reactions, I was fascinated! But after a certain point they seem to weaken or minimize, as if they once again became mere fiction characters. Still, definitely worth playing.

Speaking in detail, the NPC´s reaction in pink town for when the pink colour came back was excellent. Because they were not one-sidedly happy about it. They actually wondered if it was for the best... and though about getting usued to it again after a long time. That is very realistic. Because in real life there are, often, not a good choice and a bad choice. Just different choices. After all, pink colour back also involved saying goodbye to the pink shard guardian, who hence died or became a spirit. So here we have quite a reality setting. I offer my praises.

Yellow town was okay too. Even Blue-Green town offered some sort of that feeling (when bunny says "you did this to yourself") and shut ups afterward. And when there´s no solution for green and blue´s shard spirits.

But the thing is, the reality (different choices) becames trivialized after passing the red town in my opinion, and the game ends in the typical good-bad choice (well, more like good ending because there is one at the moment of this review). This is because:

-Paletta needs to kill the red spirit´s father; she dirtied her hands by killing another being. The game frames that guy and makes you think that killing him is at the very least a necessary thing. But we don´t know anything about his motives. Maybe he had a plan in mind? maybe he was under the shard influence and and he was doing things out of rage? maybe he had a mental illnes, or indeed, he was just a bad guy? We don´t know, we don´t care. We just need to kill him to get the shard back. I was hoping we would tie him down or knock him instead.

How many bad guys is the colourful world´s worth killing? They are doing bad things, so should we just kill them all? I was sincerely disappointed with the fiction treatment this had in the game, ignoring these questions that are part of a reality setting.

-So the princess stole the shard because...because she broke it? And she was just crying all this time by herself while the world lost all her colour?? And Paletta and guys are just like, ok, this is fine, become the princess again!! Even though she does not have a shred of determination, or has matured, reflected on her past actions? This poses various problems for the reality setting that impressed me, and again goes back to the fantasy setting when everything is right just because you´re sorry about it. Not being perfect, failing and maturing is a reality-based concept.

-I though the shard´s spirits stopped being human, many NPC´s said "it´s the end for you" but it seems they keep living happily ever after. I though accepting a shard meant burdening yourself with the responsability for your loved ones and people, accepting parting from this world. They interacting freely with the princess, not with palette, diminishes their death´s significance I believe.

I´m not saying it´s a bad game. The game does great for it´s announced purposes. But by giving depth to the characters and story, it could be better and harder to predict (like the typical series when the good guys always win)

Soundtrack - graphic design and concept of art

Just beautiful, both art and ost. I like how they combine in order to offer to the player the best possible experience. The small keyboard noises when going through dialogues could be annoying if they weren´t such a good set with the sceneries and background music. Same for the sound when Paletta speaks.

The art style conveys the cuteness and tenderness that Paletta represents as a newborn in that world, and as the daughter of the Moon.

Interface and user interaction

Good. Cute as with everything else involved into the story, simple and easy to use. There are no bugs that I can think about. The only think I would need to point out is the nonexistence of a little inventory to check if you currently have flowers/what type of them. Besides that all´s good.

Story and general world development

I was a bit lost at the first towns, but I realized how cool it was after that. There are just a lot of different beings out there; humans, shapeshifters, animated dolls, gods, etc. It´s cool, because when I explore the game I don´t know what will I find, however short the game may be. The world- as in the kingdom´s- is good defined enough. There are some untied knots, like why if there were "gods" mentioned in the intro, we refer to the moon as Moon and not Godess of the Moon, for example. The other gods don´t really care/intervene? But again, it´s a short game, and the plot´s not centered about a worldmap either.

I think this is a bug