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" Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passez,
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa Monarchie:
Quand le Soleil prendra ses iours lassez,
Lors accomplit & mine ma prophetie."

"When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed
another will take up his reign for seven thousand years.
When the exhausted Sun takes up his cycle
then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished."

- Nostradamus, Ce.I 48


In Granhistoria, you play as the otherworldly spirits Red Sphere and World Sphere, who take possession of the body of a man named Toll. As Toll, you have 20 years to prevent the world of Gran's destruction, and Toll quickly finds himself closely entwined in the politics and events of the world, realizing he is to a play a very important role in its history...


This remake project is committed to recreating the Japan-only 1995 SFC game Granhistoria from ground up with VX Ace. I'm mainly focused on expanding on the game's undeveloped aspects by giving more attention to its underused characters, adding story scenes, improving battle gameplay and fleshing out its mapping.

Progress is still in early stages, but a short demo is complete. Please check it out! It covers the first two ingame years and should take about two hours to finish.


J-Force / Banpresto 1995. I'm not affiliated with, and take no credit for the work of the original developers.

Original Story
Sho Aikawa (More info)
Jun Nanbara

Junichi Basaki
Kenichi Tanaka (Other works)
Tomoaki Nakamura

Visual Director
Hitoshi Fukuchi (Other works)


GS Sakurai

Graphic Designers
Yorimasa Yasuda

Motoaki Takenouchi (More info)

Thanks To

GHP Staff
Youichi Fujikawa
Gakuji Sakano
Manabu Tanaka

Special Thanks To
Yasuhiro Moriki (Other works)
Ayumi Konomichi (More info, Japanese)

Latest Blog

Devramble #4

A few words about the beta (sample) cart.

There's a sample version marked 75% complete for Granhistoria out there. Given that they were able to fix a lot of issues in the March 16th-June 30th window between this beta and release, maybe with just another few months in the oven the game could be remembered in a better light today?

The list of differences between these versions is gigantic, from small to large fixes and alterations so I won't be covering all that here...

Among its useful debug functions are:
  • 1) A sound test menu for music and SFX
  • 2) Cycle through all monster groups by pressing R in combat
  • 3) Cycle through all maps with L button

I was able to figure out how to access 1) and 2) in the retail version, which was helpful in ripping all the exact final sound files and quick access to ripping any monster sprites I needed, given the changes to monster placement this remake will be undergoing. The beta also had a bunch of unused palette swaps of monsters, which will be helpful in having more sprites to populate the new dungeons I'm making.

While many character sprites were still unfinished and lacking final details, one particular sprite was completely redone for the release: the eeevil 'Black Child' underlings:

The one on the left is the beta sprite.

Music... remade!

I wanted to include a comparison of the transformation Motoaki Takenouchi's music has undergone in this remake. I wrote an earlier post with more details about the soundtrack's... merits and all, but here's a sample of how these changes actually compare. On my end this has been done by simply changing SPC playback options with SPC700 player, but what a difference it makes!

Youtube: Granhistoria OST/Manamigal
Link to Migal/Juzaria track on Youtube. This is pretty much how the original SNES music sounded like.

Youtube: Remake - Migal
From this remake: basically just with slightly updated sampling quality and removed echo effect.

Youtube: Granhistoria OST/Garamania
The Galmania music from the original.

Youtube: Remake - Palace
From this remake: the drums especially sound much sharper, and strings won't get lost in the muddy backing as before either.

Youtube: Remake - Unused Ending
The sole unused track found through beta's sound test menu. It's unusually upbeat to suit the tone of the game proper. I'm having hard time thinking whether there's ever a proper place to use it or not...

Link to full original OST on Youtube


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Interesting project idea! I'm curious why you've chosen Granhistoria in particular (obviously aside from the fact you presumably like the game).

I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Oh this looks SWELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I love the snes-y feel it has while still looking pretty original. My only gripe is that the font looks really blurry among the pixel graphics, but I love it otherwise.
The game is great! More to the point, its story and world were captivating. The rest is...

The dubious Banpresto label is misleading - the game was mostly developed by J-Force, which went bankrupt sometime during production. It had a ton of flaws and suffered from bad execution of certain ideas, and from about early mid-point its quality started to visibly deteriorate. It's a small wonder the game ever got finished in the state it did.

I was actually tossing around a few other remake ideas before this, but from a small side-project this grew into its own thing very quickly.
Never heard of this game until now, and I'm loving the look of it so far. Everything's right up my alley. I'm guessing the SFC rom has a translation by now, but I'll hold off until you're done.
There's no fan translation yet, actually! Aeon Genesis has been working on one, and it's anyone's guess when it might be finished...

Indeed for me the hardest part of this remake has been to make sense of the chronology, events and lore of the game without a good English reference, but after a while things have started to come together. My Japanese is not that good, and there are several scenes later in the game whose meaning escapes me even still. The game's writing is objectively a bit vague sometimes...

It's at Liana's blog that I first came to learn of this game - I'm going to pass all authority on my attempts at naming characters & places to her! Without her enthusiastic writings I wouldn't have known to try and persist with it, and ending up liking the game a great deal!

Liana's blog
I have been wanting to play this for ages! I know as Pancake stated, Aeon Genesis has been working on a fan translation and I have been waiting to play it. If they release a fan translation i will probably play that and this too!
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Oh wow, this is actually quite an interesting endeavor! I hope to see this project become a reality one day. Keep at it!

PS: I subbed
Every time I see your name I think it's me and I get really confused for a minute. Game looks great by the way.
Hey you too mate! Thanks :)
Makerscore gives it away quickly though... hehe
im in love with this
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