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Lobster Empire is a game where you build up your own lobster business, developing better fishing techniques and ways to create long-lasting and profitable lobster resources.

Your story as a lobster businessman in this game:
  • Era I-Lobster Fishing: Catching the lobsters will be the first step in your business, some of them offering plain currency while the rarer ones giving/offering research points that will assist you in kick-starting your Lobster empire.

  • Era II-Breeding/Hatching begins:Breeding/Hatching begins: Grow your lobsters in a hatchery system and breed your best strain of lobster to carry your growing empire.

  • Era III-Expanding your business:Your market is getting bigger, you're gaining more resources and renown so its time to expand : Build your restaurant to serve those well bred lobsters, put your empire on shirts and toys in your very own merchandise shop and take the next them to going worldwide.

  • Era IV-Research and Innovation:Now that you have the base of your empire worked out its time to delve in the unknown, build up the Lobster academy and boost your production even more with new inventions.

  • Era V-?:You'll have to find out/ It's a secret.

  • Send your team to catch lobsters using your ship collection, each with their own unique ability.

  • Explore new islands and waters to find rarer breeds of lobsters by purchasing commercial license, but beware of the dangers of the sea as storms and obstacles might hit you when you least expect it.

  • Recruit lobstermen all with their unique stats like durabiliy, stamina, law obedience, mechanical competence, sea-instinct, and navigation skill.

  • Catch a wide range of rare lobsters in different areas and increase your research points by finding blue, yellow, callico, split colored, albino and giant lobsters.

  • Use a variety of fishing equipment to gain more profit like the smart lobster trap, the weather radar, the secret map.

  • Upgrade your ship's equipment to improve the amount of lobsters caught and ship efficiency.

  • Research and develop tools to minimize lobster mortality and improve the hatchery system to sustain lobster population.

  • Increase your profit through other business venues like the sea-food restaurant, the merchandise shop, the lobster seaworld, and others.

  • Host events like ship races, crayfish beauty contests and others to sky-rocket your business's popularity.

The game has many other exciting features which are not listed here to prevent spoiling the experience.

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"Research and develop tools to limit lobster mortality"

I cannot tell if this game is pure tongue-in-cheek or being played completely straight, but I am hooked either way.
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