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Grimps: A Trailer

  • Momeka
  • 08/02/2018 07:57 PM
I'm a complete newbie when it comes to video editing and trailer making. But decided to give it a try as it could be good to have one around.

Feedback would be appreciated. Is it too short? Are the cuts too fast? Does it end too abruptly?


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rpgmaker games are really hard to shoot, because not only are you filming from an overhead perspective,
which is really hard, to make it look interesting - but you're also wrestling with rpgmaker to get the best footage for your trailer:

here are some suggestions:

Ultimately, make it go with the music

0:03- you may want to make a draft version/edited version of the game, specifically for the trailer, in order to grab footage from
where you make the title come down at the same time as the grimp motions @0:03 for footage
(this will give you more time to splice in clips between 0:04-0:07)(make him leave his arms up and have the snow come down, before cutting to the next shot)

0:05-0:07 cuts are too fast between 0:05 - 0:07 (have a well established shot of the title, with the snow coming down,
then start your clips at 0:04, and just show 2 clips of clear steady footage
of just pushing blocks up to 0:06, make it go with the music)

0:06 - 0:08(really good clip/pause here)

0:08-0:09 (cut into the pause and make it go with the music) quick cuts of blocks being pushed. 1,2,3,4

0:09-0:10 (show two clear shots of block pushing)

0:11(another really good clip/pause here)

0:12-0:13 (show another two clear shots of block pushing)

0:13-0:15(show two quick clips and the 3rd clip showing the game over footage)

other than that, great trailer for a really cool game. Length is perfect, shorter tends to be better.

…at some point I wanted to throw together an article for how to make better rpgmaker trailers,
but it's not gonna happen at this point. But from my experience and from studying a lot of video game
commercials (I really loved retro game commercial HD which had the largest collection of video game commercials,
which unfortunately got recently taken down on youtube) But the hard and fast rule, seems to be:

clips should be 1-10 seconds in length maximum,
trailer length should ultimately be 1 minute in length maximum,

There are of course exception to these rules but generally working within these restrictions,
forces you to show the best parts of the game in a short amount of time and usually makes for the best trailers.
With a good trailer, you're not actually selling your game, you're selling the impression of your game.
So when players go to check out your game. It's ultimately because they were drawn to the feeling
the trailer gave them when they watched it.

This looks like a really cool, brisk, ice-block-pushing puzzle game, but that feeling is kind of muddle from the editing currently.
This should be very easy to fix though. The hardest part about rpgmaker trailers is giving each clip just the right amount of time
to be shown within the trailer. This gets easier with time, but the hardest part really is just grabbing and compiling the right footage.

But yeah, I've had my eye on Grimps for awhile now, this was always a really cool looking game, congrats Momeka! ❤ Looking forward to further developments.

Once the trailer is done, you may want to throw it onto Newgrounds as well. I suggest doing this because, once it's submitted to Newgrounds, not only will it be automatically seen and voted on by 100 people, but your trailer will be assigned a number and from that number you'll immediately get a better idea of what you'll need to improve upon - because of it's length and the fact that it's an original creative work, I can easily see this getting a 3 maybe even a 3.5
...I decided to throw together a quick rough draft just to give ya an example of what I'm talking about:

But yeah, use a variety of footage for the new shots, it doesn't just have to be block pushing.
You can even show them grabbing one of the keys. But it needs to be long enough so your
audience can see and understand how the game works.

But really, just have fun with it.

Hope this helps Momeka ❤
Hey Lord. Thanks for the all pointers! It's really helpful. But probably not going to do anymore with this right now, working on a small expansion for the game. Once that's done I'll make a new trailer with the new stuff in it as well.
But I'll keep this in mind.

Also I think you should write that article. It sounds like it could be really helpful.
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