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I'm still fixing annoying bugs with Rxcovery. You may have noticed that it's impossible to learn new Crystal Magic, for instance, or it'll say you've learned a new skill when you actually haven't...

But in addition to that, I'm sort of working on a "Deluxe" version of Rxcovery, which I'm HOPING will include an extended soundtrack, more dungeons, and a bit more balance to the battles. We'll have to see what I have time for.

I'm realizing this game probably could have used some more time in gestation. I still really like how it came out, though!! I think maybe these hiccups are to be expected when you're trying to make an epic fantasy game totally by yourself


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Whooo that sounds awesome! :3 I can't wait~

If you need any help balancing or such feel free to message me. It's definitely rough doing everything by yourself.
Thanks!! Trying to test everything by myself is foolhardy anyway
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