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Nice game-play, mysterious story.

  • Starmage
  • 04/20/2018 12:36 PM
Hello everyone! Welcome to my review for Legends of Astravia by Jaiden! This is a very good story-driven RPG that is reminiscent to many classic titles like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.

First Impressions:

The title screen has already left me feeling amazed by its details and lighting! I decided to watch the intro cut-scene, and instantly felt great that I did. The cinematography showing how the world of Astravia was crumbling down is so good! It made a great impression of the game's overall lore and history. Neatly presented and the eventing was very clean.


You play as Oliver, who had no memories of himself. It's kinda cliche, to be honest, but cliche's are great when it's done well, and this game is an example of that. Oliver was found badly beaten and bruised, saved by a man named Baldric from Mordin Village. Baldric and his wife started tending to his wounds and sheltered him while he regains his consciousness, and searching for leads to his background. Fortunately, it is assumed that he may actually find answers in Valica to the east, but his journey changed directions as soon as a little girl is in danger outside of the village.


The gameplay was pretty smooth! I like the battle system used, and the unique-ly implemented ATB was so much fun! Though I find the difficulty of the enemies quite high at the start, it was all well worth it when I learned that I fully recover every level-up, and you level-up often from every battle. I seriously loved how the sprites moved and attack each other. Very fast paced and fun.


The usage of the RMXP tile-sets was perfect for this game. I have always loved the RMXP aesthetics, and this game did the assets justice. The maps are well-presented and everything was very atmospheric. The sprites of the characters are also really good, I kinda wonder what style they are, as they seem to blend in perfectly well with the overall visuals of the game. The character arts are really great too!


Music is great and appropriate. The battle music had a western vibe to it that I really really enjoyed!


This game has a ton of potential! With its really cool eventing as well as mysterious plot, it will be worth seeing this game to completion. I'd give it a 5/5 if it was a completed game. :)


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My first review! Thank you so much Starmage, I can't begin to express how grateful I am for your honest review. I too hope to see the game to completion, and I can't wait to release more for everyone to play.
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