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- Go inside the house
- Talk with Laura (optional)
- Go upstairs and talk with Sarah and then Thomas
- Join your family for dinner
- Head to the bright light
- Use the wardrobe to change your clothes and then use the bed
- Check upstairs
- Take the white sheet of paper in Thomas' room
- Head to your studio and check the left side of the piano
- Go downstairs and talk with Laura

- Check all the paintings, you'll see hidden numbers on them
- Unlock the door with the numbers and go inside

- Examine the objects, including the sheet of papers on the desk
- Check the little table with the tablecloth
Green Cup

- Head to the door on the right side of the room
- Talk with White Fox
- Exit White Fox's room
- Check the exit. It's locked.
- Examine the library
- Use the key just found with the gray lockers
Check the flowerpot

- Use the key with the exit

Basement (2):
- Examine the board
- Head to left and pick the gloves
- Go back to the board and then go to the right. Go inside the inn

- Talk with the maid
- Talk with her again to ask some questions
- Go upstairs and enter inside the second room
- Talk with the boy
- Go back to White Fox
- After the cutscene, go back inside the inn
- Go upstairs and enter inside the first room

Room 1 - Inn:
- Examine the dead body
- Examine the blue book
- Examine the yellow book
- Examine the objects in the room
- Leave the room

- Go downstairs and enter the staff room at the right side of the TV
- Examine the pink book and take the key on the wall
- Leave the room
- Go upstairs and enter inside the third room

White Fox:
- Follow Thomas
- Pick the sheet of paper on the ground and enter in the house

Abandoned house:
- Read the green book on the desk
- Unlock the doors
Door 2 - Door 1 - Door 3 - Door 4

- Check all the mirrors and the door
7-1+5x8 = 46

- Talk with Cristopher
- Leave the room
- Examine the objects and the cards on the table.
The liars are: Rabbit - Robot - Robot

- Input the code in the safe

- After the puzzle, take the key and exit the room

- Join the people
- Stay in front of the guy that's blocking the way and press Z multiple times
- Interact with Cristopher before the time runs out to make him fell off the chair

- Exit the room
- Examine the object
- Examine the door
There is a sheet of paper in the mouse hole, rotate it and you'll see a number: 5317. Use it with the phone.

- Exit the room
- Examine the room and follow the path on the right
- Follow the path that lay before you and use the door

- Examine the sink
- Leave the room

Pig's room:
- They will tell you a riddle
Number 3 is lying.

- Talk with the pigs (optional) and leave the room

White Fox and Cris:
- After the cutscene, follow the path
- Read the green book
- Follow the path
- Use the door

- Follow Sarah
- Examine the photo on the desk and leave the room
- Follow the path and use the door on the left

Sarah and Cristopher:
- Follow the path on the left and examine the yellow book

- Examine the objects and the painting
Take the white hat, the white dress and put them in this order: White Hat - White Dress.

- Leave the room

- Leave the house
- Follow the path and examine the photo on the ground
- Examine the little box and interact with one of the buttons.
- Interact with the piano, and let it play. Repeat it's notes three times.
1. Green - red - purple - blue
2. Blue - green - red - purple
3: Purple - red - blue - green

- Examine the bright light
- Use the key with the box and follow the path to the left
- Enter the inn
- Walk through the first door


True Ending:
- Choose ''I just want to see my kids.'' or ''I'm the one involved.'' at the question
''Who do you think is involved in your kids' disappearance?''

Neutral Ending:
- Choose ''What's going to happen now?'' or ''It was Marcus De Von.'' at the question
''Who do you think is involved in your kids' disappearance?''

Bad ending:
- Choose ''I'll make you pay for it.'' or ''All of you.'' at the question
''Who do you think is involved in your kids' disappearance?''