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“Shadows of the Cross” is an Action RPG game with linear storytelling but with a heavy emphasis on exploration. You control Duran, a mercenary on a quest to stop a religious cult from summoning a powerful demon. To do so, you must enter the cursed lands of Valachia. Valachia was victim of a powerful curse and it now holds many monsters and creatures. With all the population of the country dead, you must explore the desolated wastelands to stop the Cult, and in doing so uncovering the mysteries that lie deep within Valachia. Will you make it out of the country alive?

-Explore a huge interconnected world with 18 different areas to explore, each with a boss at the end.
-Fight your way through hordes of monster to survive.
-Find upgrades and equipment by exploring each area. Become stronger.
-Find magic gems which allow you to cast powerful spells.
-Experience a story that starts fairly simple, but that quickly gets more interesting and complex.
-The soundtrack, while not original, fits perfectly each area and moment and it surely will get stuck in your head.
-Over 10 hours of gameplay

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Very hard game, i can't pass even the first boss Paranthropus lol. For the rest looks like a very good game.
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