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Just minor things to be released in the upcoming versions :)

  • kiwiTee
  • 09/25/2018 07:26 PM
Heya everybody :3,

so the 25th has already rolled around the corner and this is just a minor update showing some progress in regard to characters and mapping but since none of these are completely finished, there won't be an update to the demo version this time. It just wouldn't make much sense.
First of all, I've been working on busts for Aunty Cassie and Uncle Christian which are almost done by now but still lack some details which I'll deal with next as well as animate their faces.

Two new parts of the map will be available to explore next, the first being the church and the second being the shop. Since I started "frankentiling" and creating own tiles from scratch it'll take some time to really have these areas fully implemented (and convincing), but here's a sneak peek at the church in general and its interior with placeholders for different items. For good measure there's also a screenshot from the game thrown in.

Well, then there are two new details that are actually fully integrated in the game as of now and that's a new idle animation when you keep Nathan waiting for too long. In the upcoming version mouse users will now be able dash as well (finally yay) but there's some tweaking needed still. Yanfly's System options script has been implemented whichs allow you to adjust music, sounds and SFX as well as the windows' color scheme and additional options in regard to auto-dashing and showing text instantly (which might come in handy later, for a NewGame+).

There's no battle in the game, so feel free to ignore the battle animation option. C:
Along with these changes and improvements, a few tiling mistakes have been fixed as well.

Updates (TL;DR):
- idle animation added(for mouse controls as well)
- System options to change volume and window colors added (script by Yanfly)
- basic busts for Aunty Cassie and Uncle Christian added

Bug fixes:
- fixed a couple tiling mistakes

So what's in store for the upcoming months?
- bug fixing and looking into different issues
- implementing modern algebra's Animated Parallax script
- (item) menu overhaul
- finalize busts for Cassie and Christian (and Mr. Humbert *spoiler*)

Thanks for reading & sticking around, I'ma go get some tea now :)