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  • 03/10/2009 07:29 PM
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You need to get practice on your maps...
I played the demo, and I must admit this has a begineer's feel to it. I'm not good at giving advice, but you might want to learn more on how RPG Maker 2003 works before starting a big project.
This is not my first game. I prefer the RTP tile sets over many that I have seen. Once the game is complete, I do plan on revamping the games graphics. But for now, the cartoon style of the graphics stay.
I thought it was pretty cool myself. How do you get it so people can install the game and not need the game software to play it?
Okay, I've only looked at the screen shots and their are A LOT of things wrong:

-The buildings in the town map have only half a roof.
-The buildings have no doors.
-The interior maps have no walls.
-The dungeon map makes no sense. Seriously I have no idea what that is supposed to be.

Also, why are you using the default characters?
sweet, I love open worlds RPGs. By the way, I'm still active everyone.
Thanks for the feedback. Let me first address the screenshot issue. Those screenshots are extremely old. If you look at the name of the program, in the old screenshot's, you'll notice that the game say's "working title". This was WAY before any maps were even near completion. The buildings do have walls, doors, etc. Check out the demo, and you'll see. I'll be posting more up-to-date screenshots soon. The dungeon is supposed to be cloudy with sand. In the actuall demo, you'll notice the flying sand & rock, as the monster shakes the dungeon.

Now, as for the installer, I found it a great and easy way of installing Liberta. I find it better than the classic ZIP file. But, I might phase it out in a later release.

I also find the characters rather cool. I will use character generators to make more, but I feel that they look great, and are nicely sized. I'm also trying to show that you can create a massive world, with many maps, and still use the default graphics. That way new users are not ashamed and picked on because they like and use the RTP sprites.

Okay, I downloaded the demo. The mapping was absolutely horrid. The buildings still only had half a roof. The wall tiles of the interior maps are completely misused. It also really annoying that all the NPC's and windows are set to "Player Touch" instead of "Action Button". The boats don't seem to do anything as their is nothing of interest outside the cities. I didn't find any quests, but I wasn't trying much to find one.

I recommend that you learn how to use the tilesets before continuing on this project.
I looked over this project and it has a lot of great potential. You have a good idea, and if you execute it well, it could be a truly unique experience, much like Morrowind, Oblivion, or Fallout 3. However, the criticism about the level design is valid. You can use the default characters and RTP graphics if you like, that's your prerogative. However, you really need to learn better Level Design if you're going to hold a players attention.

I'm not putting your project down. If anything, I want to see you succeed in this endeavor. I recommend that you read some of the articles on game design and level design, practice some more, and get some map-makers on the forum to help you. If you are too absorbed in the coding and event programming of this game to pay attention to the maps, then get someone else to do it!

A game needs to be playable in order to be enjoyable! ;)
UPDATE: A major revamp is currently underway. Ignore the old screenshots and demo. Here's the new tileset:

Exterior -http://www.tekepon.net/fsm/modules/refmap/images/map/ex-town01_a.jpg
Interior -http://www.tekepon.net/fsm/modules/refmap/images/map/ex-town01_b.jpg

Plus, a grand total of 800 new sprites for NPC's have been added. I might change the hero sprites as well. (Yes. You heard right. 800. 100 sheets x 8 characters per sheet)
It looks like you can work with your new tilesets 10 times better than RTP tilesets.
Those map aren't yours, they were made for a free practice game by the creators of Refmap. I hope you're just showing off the new chipsets you're going to use.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
does this site not have a optional to remove canceled games?
its pointless for them to just sit their if they will never be finished especially in the cases where theirs no download for them

seriously just remove this some1
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