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Formerly the Third Place Winner of the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014's RPG section, Cope Island returns rebuilt from scratch and better than ever.

Out now!

When one is faced with a desire to better themselves they are drawn to Cope Island. Take a limited amount of randomized weapons and battle your way through a series of trials in order to have a showdown with Your Demon. There are a number of possible weapon combos you may find per visit. Each offer a different advantage and or disadvantage. Cope Island is full of secrets and it is up to you to stay on track, or break your way through the forgotten.

Take the plunge. Discover one's self.

- Fast-Paced Turn-Based Battles
- Randomly Generated Weapons
- Multiple Branching Paths
- All Original Pixel Art
- All Original Music

Cope Island has gone through many shades of development. This version is all new from the original and features vastly more amount of content. There are secret areas to find, a hub to view your progress of collection after each run, and over triple the content of the original.

Latest Blog

Over a year

First things first: I cut the price down to $5 permanently.



May 2019 I released Cope Island: Adrift. It was a very hard time of my life. I was not mentally prepared for the intensity of commercial marketing. But I did what I could. I was not as successful as I hoped, but it wasn't a total failure.

What is important is I am happy with the game, and that I will never be ashamed to sell it. The development went through many stages of my personal life's chaos. But in the end, I finished it, was happy with it, and let it go.

It's been out over a year now and I think it is a good time to price cut.

I learned many lessons with the whole process. On how to make a game faster, on how to market one better.

Degica coming to me asking me to release a version of it commercially, to ghosting me, to me having insane high standards from myself and freezing, to me letting go and just let myself make the game I wanted to make.

My life is entering new and fun stages, and I am still slaving away at my next game. I won't announce anything there yet until some concrete stuff is ready to show.

I do also plan on releasing this game's ost on youtube/sound cloud/whatever else works.

I just got to walk through the current one step at a time. Often it is easy to be swept away, but I accepted a long time ago that I need to make games. It's all my brain thinks about.

I hope you all enjoyed Cope Island. And if you didn't play yet, I hope one day you give it a chance.



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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Hey all! I'm going to be streaming Cope Island: Adrift in 20 minutes, on the hour, for about 2 hours hopefully. Join our stream here!

>>> Here's the link! <<<
It's been fun playing this game again and seeing how much new stuff there is compared to the IGMC version.

I did two play-throughs but I'm kind of stuck now. Where is the star-shaped hole?
It's been fun playing this game again and seeing how much new stuff there is compared to the IGMC version.

I did two play-throughs but I'm kind of stuck now. Where is the star-shaped hole?

It's on the north side of the Above right near the back exit of the Beach Trial.
Can't believe I didn't see that. Oh well, thanks! Looks like there's still something left to do, I'm at 90% completion. Does it have something to do with that achievement for helping all the islanders? I've talked to everyone but haven't really seen them asking for help (except for the one chick that wanted the gold, I gave her that).

With this and Mownt, you've really established a distinctive style for visuals, music and themes. A long time ago someone wrote an article here about "RPG Maker Auteur Theory" and your stuff would be a good candidate. In any case, really enjoying it. I'll drop you a Steam review once I'm done.
Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed my thing! I'm intrigued by this RPG Maker Auteur Theory. I never really heard of it, but it's an honor nonetheless. o:

Did you get the Island Talisman from the lady who wanted gold? That opens a trial. The help all islanders achievement is pretty secret and not anything you need to do to beat all the sections of the game. Either way, if you do happen to want solutions, I could give you a list!

Great game that I found completely by accident on Steam and I'm looking forward to your future games but I'd like some help with a few points if possible.

The fourth forbidden weapon: Tangled shame sounds like the place where you fight Alpha but I'm a bit lost. Does the guy who disappear have anything to do with it or does he have more to do with the achievement below?

Helping the islanders: I found the girl behind the waterfall and met the door guy downstairs but I have no clue about the rest.

Other than that, I'm pretty much done. The rest of the secrets were obscure on a fair level for me. I also have to ask

is the last achievement unlocked when you've completed the rest? Because I'm missing Forbidden Weapons, Satisfaction and a hidden one.
Woo! Glad you enjoyed!

I will list off the solutions to the stuff you asked for.

The fourth forbidden weapon is obtained by waiting a few turns or so on each of the blue flame enemies in the trial where the Alpha is the boss. (I'm glad you found the other forbidden, some of those are obscure haha)

After you find the weapons, you need to talk to the guy in the Weapon room in the hub to get the achievement.


It seems you found the girl and the door guy.

On the chaser fight, after you obtain the second attack, you merely wait a lot of turns until the fight ends.

Obtain the Hanger Talisman and take the leap of faith in the Cliff Trial. There is a chance it will lead you somewhere strange. You can try unlimited tries per run.

Near the orbs after the Hanger Trial, talk to the old man until he disappears. (it seems like you found this one)

After all those, you talk to the lady in the Beyond Trial before the final boss fight. That will unlock the achievement.

The last achievement you're missing besides the forbidden weapons and islanders seems to be reputation. You need to do as much bad things as possible. Break the doors, break the mirrors, trample the flowers, and kill/watch the blue flame enemies die in the Hanger Trial.
Thanks for the answers, I'm done now.

I knew something was up with the Soon guys and I was close to trying the different talisman on the cliff lady as well but I was a bit burnt out on making more runs at the time. One the other hand, I'm not sure if I could have figured out the Chaser guy, especially since that one takes a few good turns. There might have been some hints in the dialogues that I missed ("he's wary of you" seemed like one for example but still) but it's the only secret that I'd personally consider somewhat unfair/obscure of the three I had missed.

In general, I think the more secret achievements struck a good balance between not being too obvious and not being too obscure for the most part, which I feel can be hard to get right. The whole game was very enjoyable, thanks for making it, and I hope we can see more of your stuff in the future.
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