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Formerly the Third Place Winner of the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014's RPG section, Cope Island returns rebuilt from scratch and better than ever.


Happy or sad.
When one is faced with a desire to better themselves they are drawn to Cope Island. Take a limited amount of randomized weapons and battle your way through a series of trials in order to have a showdown with Your Demon. There are vast amounts of possible weapon combos and stat bonuses you may find per visit.
Cope Island is full of secrets and it is up to you to stay on track or break your way through the forgotten.
Take the plunge. Discover one's self.


Fast-Paced Turn-Based Battles
Randomly Generated Weapons
Multiple Branching Paths
All Original Pixel Art
All Original Music


Cope Island has gone through many shades of development. This version is all new from the original and features vastly more amount of content. There are secret areas to find, a hub to view your progress of collection after each run, and over triple the content of the original.

The game will be released commercially when finished, though I plan on eventually adding a demo that covers roughly what the original game did. (though it will be vastly different)


I eventually plan on releasing/having a page up for Cope Island: Adrift on other places than rmn but as of now this is the only home for it other than my twitter. I will announce on my blog here each time I put it up somewhere else and list it here.

Latest Blog

Major Milestones and Overcoming Complications

It's been a while, April was kinda a hectic month for me! Development of this game has slowed down, but I've been working at finding the right pace again. I've stumbled onto some of the trickier parts of development for Cope Island, and I think I will talk about that a bit in this post.

First things first, progress!

The weird gold color is my progress for polishing after content is made, which is still something I deem important.

I have ventured into all new types of content not seen on the original Cope Island, as that has all been remade now. The way the game is structured makes making new content a bit tricky, especially the way I have been going about it.

The original Cope Island had three main areas and a small boss area. Those areas (vastly different now) are still in and is expanded. Yet after you finish the first run, you will unlock alternate paths of each area. So far I am calling the initial path "The Above" and the alternate path "The Below".

I did not want it to be one or the other, so I have been putting a lot of effort into making sense out of intertwining both paths so you can mix and match how you please. It's complicated because in this game you gain score based off how well you do battles and I don't want it to be a grind fest of taking out enemies on both paths. So if you take out one enemy on the Below, it will have a sibling enemy on the Above that also vanishes. Etc etc. The goal will still be getting the best score with a limited amount of enemies faced.

So the original game was 3 areas and a boss area. Now it has expanded to something much vaster while keeping the original lightning fast pace. So each run will be about 3 areas but can have vastly different results and different areas altogether. Mixed with the hub that records enemies you fought/weapons you found/areas you conquered/high scores, I aim for it be seamless to start a new run and play it a different way each time eventually uncovering all the game's areas/story.

I was hoping to have a trailer by now, but eh I want to do that right so I'll need some more time to nail everything. I've been working at this game much longer than I intended to, but so far it seems like it has all been worth it.
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  • 02/11/2018 02:54 AM
  • 05/13/2018 01:09 AM
  • 10/01/2018
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The all around prick
I've been waiting for this ever since you posted about polishing the original version. Super excited!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Such an exciting game to look forward to with all anticipation! My friend has painstakingly crafted a marvellous sculpture with his mere intentions and a mouse, keyboard and monitor. And his brain. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this proverbial sandwich of a game. To admire its soft, succulent lettuce in the game. To inspect its tomatoes of game. To thoroughly investigate the nooks and crannies of its game-y sesame seed buns, and condiments game. This game is like a sandwich you won't belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve. Thoroughly looking forward, backward, sideways and upwards to this game. I never look down. That's where the - okay, I must go. There is danger lurking. On Cope Island: Tokyo Drift: The Game: The Gamepage: The CashmereCat Comment: The Movie. It's a game.

Edit: Edit.
i think this will be zds' best game since mownt
Wow, good work! Glad to see this getting cared for the way it should be!
Suddenly, a summer breeze...
You've done it. You've finally gotten this far. You glorious bastard, you. When I have disposable income again, I shall take the plunge once more when all is said and done. *_*

EDIT: Thought it was ready by now. My B. ^^;
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