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Norm: A Serial Killer RPG

... is a very dark RPG/Adventure game, created in RPGMaker VX Ace.

*WARNING: This game contains graphic descriptions and moderate depictions of: sex, violence, drug and alcohol use, death of humans, animals and the American Dream, extremely foul language, Donald Trump, and other themes unsuitable for the workplace, those of a young age, or those with a sensitive or impressionable nature. Player discretion is advised.*

It is a story about two people...

Faith Powers - a prison nurse with a hero complex, who is nowhere near as lily-white as she seems, but managing to maintain her veneer. She is occasionally tormented on the job by her most high profile patient...

Norman Peoples is a cannibal, convicted of thirteen counts of murder, and serving a multiple life-sentence in the bowels of a correctional facility. He will do anything to escape, and he has his ears peeled for opportunity to knock...

It is not a story about love. It is a story about survival. It is a story about what is considered "normal" - and the actual truths of the universe that send people screaming from their beds in the night. It is a story about the lies we are told. It is a story about the lies we tell ourselves. It is a story about murder, debauchery, cannibalism, fraud, extortion, torture, Stockholm Syndrome, drugs, war, heresy and black magic. It is a story about tedium... it is a story about entropy... and there will be no happy endings.

But there will be plenty of macaroni and cheese...

***Current Features***
~ Non-linear, story-heavy gameplay, set in the Washington D.C. of the Cthulhu Mythos.
~ References to real serial killers galore.
~ Killer soundtrack.
~ Nearly-monochrome graphics will have you seeing red.
~ Basic weather and time-of-day system.
~ Two possible "endings" for now. To be continued...
~ Four different murder Affinities to choose from, and two hidden Affinities.
~ Ten different character Classes to choose from, and one hidden Class.
~ Cannibalize one of six different human body parts from each kill, to build your stats to your specifications.
~ Gain an entire experience level from each specific human you murder.
~ Random murders still yield experience
~ Grinding if you want it. I don't see nothin' wrong with it.
~ Giant rats.
~ More giant rats. (D.C. has a serious problem...)
~ At least one hooker.
~ Sex, drugs and rock and roll.
~ Hallucinations.
~ S-Mart! Shop Smart!
~ Police bribes and brutality.
~ Evidence disposal.
~ Premeditated murder.
~ Suicide.
~ Bleeding.
~ Donald Trump.
~ Secret stuff. Shhh.
~ Cows.


02 Premeditation
02 Destroy Evidence
04 Bite Face
06 *(Class Skill Slot)
08 Suppressed Rage
10 *(Class Skill Slot)
12 Strike Nerve
14 *(Class Skill Slot)
16 Teacher's Pet
18 *(Class Skill Slot)
20 Maniacal Laughter
22 *(Class Skill Slot)
24 Catatonic Stare
26 *(Class Skill Slot)
28 Play Dead
30 *(Class Skill Slot)
32 Bipolar Disorder
34 *(Class Skill Slot)
36 Primal Chase
38 *(Class Skill Slot)
40 Bestial Howl
42 *(Class Skill Slot)
46 Patient Stalker
48 Infrared Goggles
50 The Game

Anxiety Attack - Improvised, Beating
Sudden Snap - Chopping, Stabbing
Here's Johnny - Chopping, Crushing
Sadistic Tendencies - Torture, Crushing - ATK and DEF based
Masochistic Tendencies - Improvised, Beating
Exploit Phobias - Torture, Execution
Salt Wound - Improvised, Torture
Flailing Blows - Improvised, Stabbing
Chelsea Grin - Slashing, Torture - ATK and SAt based
Death Machine - Execution, Torture
Cut Throat - Slashing, Execution - ATK and SAt based
Drop Kick - Crushing, Beating
Pavlovian Response - Beating, Improvised
Extreme Prejudice - Crushing, Munitions
Lethal Injection - Poisons, Execution
Vicious Backhand - Beating, Crushing
Rip Clothing - Stabbing, Slashing
Gilly Suit - Munitions, Stabbing
Manchurian Candidate - Munitions, Execution - ATK and AGI based
Tactical Strike - Munitions, Poisons - ATK and AGI based
Double Tap - Munitions, Chopping - ATK and LUK based
Butterfly Knives - Stabbing, Slashing - ATK and LUK based
Field Dressing - Poisons, Slashing
Hemorrhage - Chopping, Poisons - ATK and DEF based
Tourniquet - Chopping, Poisons


Milk -$5- Recovers 500 HP.
Beer -$10- Recovers 2,500 HP. 33% chance of blindness.
Liquor -$20- Recovers all HP. 33% chance of confusion.
Cigarettes -$5- Recovers 200 SP. 50% chance to cure sleep. 33% chance of disease.
Coffee -$10- Recovers all SP. Cures sleep.
EpiPen -$380- Cures Death. Cures visual effects of drug use. 33% chance of stun.
Ipecac -$10- Cures Poisoning. Cures visual effects of drug use. 33% chance of stun.
Cannabis -$25- 50% chance to cure disease, blindness, silence, confusion, or ccfparalysis. 33% chance of sleep.
Opiates -$80- Restores all HP and SP. Causes mild hallucinations. 33% chance of paralysis.

Performance Enhancers -$250- MHp +50
Human Heart -Free- ATK +1
Human Liver -Free- DEF +1
Human Brain -Free- AGI +1
Human Blood -Free- LUK +1
Bath Salts -$500- MSp +10
Human Eyes -Free- SAt +1
Human Tongue -Free- SDf +1


~ Save as soon as you leave/skip the intro, and can move around Faith's House.
~ You start the game with 1 Hit Point. The immediate goal is to get Norm to the hospital at the very North of the Washington D.C "Main" map.
~ Hold Shift (the "Speed Button"), and immediately move left and away from the Police Car, when you leave Faith's House and enter the Main map. Then move north until you are on top of the Hospital Icon. Then press Enter (the "Action Button") to enter the Hospital.
~ Plan A: Talk to the Nurse at the desk. Wait as instructed, and then go to the back of The Hospital to the Doctor. Don't Attack the Doctor, Let him heal you. After that, you will be fully healed, and the world is yours to explore.
~ Plan B: IF you have more than $20 dollars at this point (which is possible without combat, IF you have been nosy enough) you can just leave, and go to the icon nearest the very middle of the map, now that it is available. This is the S-Mart. Speak to Angela at the right-hand counter and order food. After that, you will be fully healed, and the world is yours to explore.
~ Be sure not to examine things in S-Mart unless you have money - most of the items you will not be able to leave without paying for or fighting for. So Save the game when you enter, before any intended browsing.
~ Try not to kill everybody. Even though you probably can. Even though you will get a tasty piece of human that will make your stats higher. Even though Norm probably would. Yeah you're probably gonna kill everybody...
~ You can attempt to "Bribe" your way out of battle with Police Officers and Investigators. This will cost you $100 per try, if you have it, and success is not guaranteed. And be prepared to speed away from the enemy unit on the map immediately.
~ If you kill an Investigator, and survive the battle, the game will immediately move to a separate segment of the game, considered for now to be one of the branches that leads towards one of the two "endings" of the game. Save before exploring this option, if you want to get back to the Main story later.
~ If you find a "Dungeon", hold the Action Button while in a trap as long as the red flashes keep happening, until you break free - otherwise the time you will keep taking damage will keep increasing, and you may die.


* Investigators gave two level-ups instead of one, if killed. Fixed.
* Fix for female clerk's chalkline at S-Mart returning to normal position if she dies in the other position.
* Some general Main map cleanup.
* Section of the story after the suicide attempt moves you to the first floor of Faith's House instead of the Main map now.
* Section of the story after the cherry cobbler moves you to the Backyard of Faith's House instead of the Main map now.
* Some dialog editing.
* Police units now spawn further than one space away from their associated locations, when entering the Main map.
* Police units now sit in place until the player moves, after a successful use of Destroy Evidence, and after battle, on the Main map.
* Vehicle sprites now have a slight red tint to make them slightly more visible.
* Bribe Skill dialogue and mechanic changed slightly.
* Terminally Ill state added. Like Diseased, only incurable.
* Terminally Ill and Diseased actors can now randomly infect enemies while attacking.
* Sara, The Necrophile added as a Temporary Actor. Death: Terminal Illness.
* Removed "Defense" skill from all enemies.
* Enemies only use "Exhale" below 50% health.
* Murder count and Affinity was still not working entirely properly. Fixed
* Some fixes for behavior in the clerks at S-Mart.
* Investigators only have a dog for backup now.
* Murder count and Affinity was not working properly upon Escaping random encounters or Bribing police officers. Fixed.
* Switched Logo Screens
* New font and slightly different title screen.
* Some slight dialog changes.
* Introduction can now be skipped.
* Fixed skill name Manchurian Candidate was spelled wrong.
* Fixed bug with weather in GCD.
* Fixed bug preventing the entrance to the GCD if the GC was finished a second time.
* Fixed bug as S-mart where player could still order food if they killed the female clerk.
* All enemies health raised by +50%. Battles are therefore longer now, and require more strategy for survival.
* Layout of Faith's House 1F and S-Mart changed slightly.
* Murder count now after every battle. Begins at 14 to reflect his personal history...
* Players now get to choose a murder Affinity (displayed along with Murder count after battle), based on the profile of the people Norm Murdered:
~ All Men.
~ All Women.
~ All Children.
~ Various.
~ Random choice of the other four.
* New hidden character Class: Strangler.
* All Classes now have a utility special move that does not build rage points, nor consume them:
~ Butcher ~ Dual Attack
~ Sadist ~ Low Blow
~ Paranoid ~ Molotov Cocktail
~ Flayer ~ Triple Attack
~ Gunman ~ Exhale
~ Poisoner ~ Mustard Gas
~ Ripper ~ Double Attack
~ Crippler ~ Broken Bone
~ Flogger ~ Bodyslam
~ Bomber ~ Flashbang
~ Strangler ~ Strangle

Latest Blog

That's just not right...

As promised in the discord channel, version Beta1D is available now. This version fixes several inconsistencies with saving in strange places, adds a new hidden "Temporary Actor" and few other improvements. I will be on hiatus for about a week, and please feel free to review, and recommend to anyone you know with a sick and twisted sense of humor.

Meanwhile, please try to break the game during play, and weed out those bugs. I need to figure out what is over-powered and under-powered.

~ J
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