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*WARNING: This game contains graphic descriptions and moderate depictions of: s*x, violence, drug and alcohol use, death of humans, animals and the American Dream, extremely foul language, Donald Trump, and other themes unsuitable for the workplace, those of a young age, or those with a sensitive or impressionable nature. Player discretion is advised.*

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Norm: A Serial Killer RPG

A very dark RPG/Adventure game, created in RPGMaker VX Ace.

It is a story about two people...


Faith Powers - a prison nurse with a hero complex, who is nowhere near as lily-white as she seems, but managing to maintain her veneer. She is occasionally tormented on the job by her most high profile patient...


Norman Peoples - a cannibal, convicted of thirteen counts of murder, and serving a multiple life-sentence in the bowels of a correctional facility. He will do anything to escape, and he has his ears peeled for opportunity to knock...


It is not a story about love. It is a story about survival. It is a story about what is considered "normal" - and the actual truths of the universe that send people screaming from their beds in the night. It is a story about the lies we are told. It is a story about the lies we tell ourselves. It is a story about murder, debauchery, cannibalism, fraud, extortion, torture, Stockholm Syndrome, drugs, war, heresy and black magic. It is a story about tedium... it is a story about entropy... and there will be no happy endings.

But there will be plenty of macaroni and cheese...



~ Non-linear, story-heavy gameplay, set in the Washington D.C. of the Cthulhu Mythos.
~ References to real serial killers galore.
~ Killer soundtrack by Nine Inch Nails.
~ Nearly-monochrome graphics will have you seeing red.
~ Basic weather and time-of-day system.
~ Three possible endings.
~ Four different murder Affinities to choose from, and two hidden Affinities.
~ Ten different character Classes to choose from, and three hidden Classes.
~ Cannibalize one of six different human body parts from each kill, to build your stats to your specifications.
~ Kill Count with comparison to actual historical serial killers.
~ Gain an entire experience level from each specific human you murder.
~ Random murders still yield experience.
~ Grinding if you want it. I don't see nothin' wrong with it.
~ Giant rats.
~ More giant rats. (D.C. has a serious problem...)
~ At least one hooker.
~ S*x, drugs and rock and roll.
~ Hallucinations.
~ S-Mart! Shop Smart!
~ Police bribes and brutality.
~ Night jobs.
~ Evidence disposal.
~ Premeditation.
~ Impulsiveness.
~ Suicide.
~ Bleeding.
~ Severed limbs and decapitations.
~ Comas, organ failures, and terminal illnesses.
~ Donald Trump.
~ Secret stuff. Shhh...
~ Cows.
~ Dogs.
~ Pigs.
~ Teddy bears.
~ Redemption?
~ Zombies.
~ The end of the world as we know it.


~ Save as soon as you leave/skip the intro, and can move around Faith's House. The save screen automatically pops up at this point now.
~ You start the game with 1 Hit Point. The immediate goal is to get Norm to the hospital at the very North of the Washington D.C "Main" map.
~ Hold Shift (the "Speed Button"), and immediately move left and away from the Police Car, when you leave Faith's House and enter the Main map. Then move north until you are on top of the Hospital Icon. Then press Enter (the "Action Button") to enter the Hospital.
~ Plan A: Talk to the Nurse at the desk. Wait as instructed, and then go to the back of The Hospital to the Doctor. Don't Attack the Doctor, Let him heal you. After that, you will be fully healed, and the world is yours to explore.
~ Plan B: IF you have more than $20 dollars at this point (which is possible without combat, IF you have been nosy enough) you can just leave, and go to the icon nearest the very middle of the map. This is the S-Mart. Speak to Angela at the right-hand counter and order food. After that, you will be fully healed, and the world is yours to explore.
~ Be sure not to examine things in S-Mart unless you have money to spend - most of the items you will not be able to leave without paying for or fighting for. So save the game when you enter, before any intended browsing.
~ Try not to kill everybody. Even though you probably can. Even though you will get a tasty piece of human that will make your stats higher. Even though Norm probably would. Yeah you're probably gonna kill everybody...
~ You can attempt to "Bribe" your way out of battle with Police Officers and Investigators on the Main map. This will cost you $100 per try, if you have it, and success is not guaranteed. And be prepared to speed away from the enemy unit on the map immediately.
~ If you kill an Investigator, and survive the battle, the game will immediately move to a separate segment of the game, considered for now to be one of the branches that leads towards one of the three "endings" of the game. Save before exploring this option, if you want to get back to the Main story later.
~ If you find a Dungeon, hold the Action Button while in a trap, until you break free - otherwise the time required to break free will keep increasing, and in the case of the Chainsaw, Drill, and Water Tank trap, you will keep taking more damage every time the red flashes appear, and you may die.


* Fixed car engine noise happening after entire cut scene for Limb Clinic.
* Fixed Bath Salts visuals not working right.
* Fixed raining after Digging is Hard scene.
* Giant Rats now have a 1 in 5 chance of dropping a Trash Bag.
* Baton ATK raised to 2.
* Added My Valentine, Red Ryder, and Cigar Cutter as Permanent Status Weapons (+100% chance on attack).
* Fixed bad lighting transition to the Monster to Feed scene.
* Added extended Runaway Hookerface scene.
* Permanent states and crippling injuries persist beyond death, often requiring more than an EpiPen to cure a fallen character.
* EpiPen now also recovers 500 HP.
* Stump Cap now limits the use of Luggage.
* Electrolarynx now limits the use of Headwear.
* Added Special Night Job: Wizard's Assistant, as a one-time-only offer from Freddy, in the course of working at the Temp Agency. Risk your life every night for more money and a steady supply of Bath Salts.

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