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Norm: A Serial Killer RPG is a very dark RPG/Adventure game, created in RPGMaker VX Ace.

*WARNING: This game contains graphic descriptions and moderate depictions of: sex, violence, drug and alcohol use, death of humans, animals and the American Dream, extremely foul language, Donald Trump, and other themes unsuitable for the workplace, those of a young age, or those with a sensitive or impressionable nature. Player discretion is advised.*

It is a story about two people...

Faith Powers - a prison nurse with a hero complex, who is nowhere near as lily-white as she seems, but managing to maintain her veneer. She is occasionally tormented on the job by her most high profile patient...

Norman Peoples is a cannibal, convicted of thirteen counts of murder, and serving a multiple life-sentence in the bowels of a correctional facility. He will do anything to escape, and he has his ears peeled for opportunity to knock...

It is not a story about love. It is a story about survival. It is a story about what is considered "normal" - and the actual truths of the universe that send people screaming from their beds in the night. It is a story about the lies we are told. It is a story about the lies we tell ourselves. It is a story about murder, debauchery, cannibalism, fraud, extortion, torture, Stockholm Syndrome, drugs, war, heresy and black magic. It is a story about tedium... it is a story about entropy... and there will be no happy endings.

But there will be plenty of macaroni and cheese...

***Current Features***
~ Non-linear, story-heavy gameplay, set in the Washington D.C. of the Cthulhu Mythos.
~ Nearly-monochrome graphics will have you seeing red.
~ Basic weather and time-of-day system.
~ Two possible "endings" for now. To be continued...
~ Ten different character Classes to choose from.
~ Cannibalize one of six different human body parts from each kill, to build your stats to your specifications.
~ Gain an entire experience level from each human you kill.
~ References to real serial killers galore.
~ Grinding if you want it. I don't see nothin' wrong with it.
~ Giant rats.
~ More giant rats. (D.C. has a serious problem...)
~ At least one hooker.
~ Sex, drugs and rock and roll.
~ Hallucinations.
~ S-Mart! Shop Smart!
~ Police bribes and brutality.
~ Evidence disposal.
~ Premeditated murder.
~ Suicide.
~ Bleeding.
~ Donald Trump.
~ Secret stuff. Shhh.
~ Cows.


Latest Blog

A few small bugs.

* Not game-shattering, but there are some issues with word-wrapping in a couple places. I'll fix this relatively quickly, if no other bugs show up.

Almost 1000 profile views already! 15 Downloads! Thank you for your immediate support! I hope everyone is playing and enjoying my twisted little project - and don't be afraid to throw a review my way when you do!

I look forward to any kind of feedback, and would like to encourage discussion about Norm on any level.

~ N0ught
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