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Blade of Acrimony V.1.3

It’s been a while since I posted the release of Blade of Acrimony here, but the game has gone through three updates, and I thought I would share what has been fixed:

Version 1.1:

–Make Restrained Blade better.
–Removed a problematic song.
–Some grammar fixes.
–Some enemy nerfs.
–The Disarmed state only last for 1 turn instead of 3.
–A bug with the Superboss encounter.
–Telling the player about the 100 DP skillset.
–A game breaking glitch bug with the Shopkeeper.

Version 1.2:

–Most encounters have their evade rates lowered, or removed all together.
–The Superboss has different music, for plot/lore reasons.
–A weird UI glitch that I may have caused with the first update is fixed.

Version 1.3:

--Shawn and Hazel's encounter puzzle is obvious now.
--Luna's 1 hit kill first move is now telegraphed.
--The final boss's DP drain move is less powerful.
--Blocking now boosts your DP by 10 instead of 5.
--Some spelling fixes and a plot hole resolved.
--A weird bug with the final boss.