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How does one answer the question; 'What is it that I want?'.
For one young man, the time to find that answer has come.

Sacred Earth: Desire is a sequel to Sacred Earth: Promise. It is a visual novel that adopts certain aspects of RPGs seeking to throw off contemporary shackles of constraint given by the genre's predecessors. With useless fluff done away with, Sacred Earth: Desire seeks to provide an entertaining experience without the frustration present from standard RPG conventions.

Join Gunnar and Veili as they come into their own as Vanguards, and contend with the aftermath of the Icefall Incident, as well as take one step closer to the truth. But what is the truth exactly? Is it the true origins of this world? Or is it the unrevealed history of the souls who conspire to bring about change in this broken world? Unwitting souls are about to find out, for better or for worse.

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