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Therianthropy takes place in the same multiverse as the Little Music Box and the Daemon (more specific: in one of its parallel worlds).


The plot is centered around Crescent and Sunny, two not self aware therianthropes. They transform into their animal self, whenever their life is at stake. One day, Sunny finds herself in such a situation, thus she transformes and overcomes it. Thereafter she returnes back to her human self and, as always, loses consciousness.
A bunch of thieves observed the whole scene and kidnapped the unconscious Sunny. After waking up, she finds herself imprisoned in a cage, surrounded by the thieves, who order her to transform once more. Since she is not aware that she is a therianthrope, and thus unable to transform at will, she does not know what the strangers want from her.
Somewehere else: Crescent, who has never met Sunny before, somehow knows that a person he is somehow connected to needs his help. Even over a far distance he can locate her due to her scent. He finds her in a cottage deep in a forest and is able to rescue her. However, Sunny fell unconscious again and Crescent himself has been wounded by one of the thieves, resulting in him being near passing out, too. Just before this happens, he finds a tent in which members of the Vanguard rest... Eventually this leads to Crescent and Sunny being new recruits of said organization.

The Vanguard is a global, military like organization that has commited itself to the duty of protecting the citizens all over the world from all (potentionally) harmful beings, such as monsters, demons and everything else that falls into these categories.


Crescent is a therianthrope and swordfighter, who always loved being outside in the woods and doing his own thing, being independent from everyone else. Even if he is not self aware of him being a therionthrope, his behavior subconsciously reflects his animal self. Aside from his swordskills, he is also able to use low tier black magick. Since the thieve incident, he is a trainee as soldier of the Vanguard.

Sunny is a therionthrope and uses bow and arrow in combat. Aside from that she is also capale of using mid tier black magick and low tier white magick. In contrast to Crescent, Sunny's way of life does not reflect her animal self, meaning that it might be less distinct. Since the thieve incident, she is a trainee as soldier of the Vanguard.

Nastya is a trainee of white magick and part of the Vanguard's subdivision blue circle. Members of the blue circle are very important in large missions that include hundreds or even thousands of soldiers and take place over longer periods of time. As member of this subdivision she is always accompanied by 3 soldiers.
She is a very kind person who always tries to see the good in all living beings. This makes her vulnerable and thus not the best choice for direct combat. To at least partly overcome this and to become more suitable for direct combat, she accompanies Cheja from time to time on smaller missions.

Cheja is a powerful spellcaster who is potentially capable of learning and using every type of black magick, ranging from low to high tier, due to him being a prodigy in that regard. However, casting fire spells is what he likes most. His potential has been promoted since he was a little child. This strict training has payed off quite well, being a rank 3 general (third highest rank) of the Vanguard, meaning that he leads his own small unit, which consists of around 50 soldiers.
Since one of his best friends was attacked by a lycanthrope and, as a result of this incident, died, missions that include killing lycanthropes and other therianthropes are his favourite, seeing these as personal vengeance.

The game plays like a classic RPG.

-100% selfmade graphics
-Custom music is planned

The game (Part I) is planed to be released 2018.

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due to the final steps to finish my master thesis, unfortunately I have almost no time to work on the project. The last time I did something, related to Therianthropy was back in April. Since I will continue my academic education as Phd student soon, I am not sure about the future of this project.

However, since 2008 I have spent very (very!) much time working with RPG Maker (XP back then). It was always a fun thing to do, therefore I am positive that I will release some stuff in the future.

This project is not cancelled and most likely never will be.

Greetings, Diaeitsch
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