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It was their grandfather's birthday and everyone in the family looked happy, but suddenly the two twins are separated by the death of one of them. Her soul is stolen by a demon and a dark curse that popped up in the family from the past.
Their grandfather reveals to his granddaughter that the only way to bring her sister back to life is to travel through memories and collect fragments of her sister's soul. If these remain pure until the end of her journey then the twins can be together.
This journey, however, is not without obstacles. Every choice can change the twins' destiny.
Can you save your sister's soul?

Five chapters where you'll walk into the sister's memory, five important places with her memories.

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  • AliceMisaki
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle Adventure
  • 03/17/2018 10:27 AM
  • 07/19/2018 01:36 PM
  • 12/30/2018
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This looks pretty neat, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Subbed!
Subscribed it. :)

thank you so much!!

This looks pretty neat, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Subbed!

> //// < thanks, thanks!!
It's good to see that you're working in new games!

At a first glance it sounds quite interesting.

For making a little constructive criticism, maybe the sinopsis of recovering the soul parts of someone seems a bit cliche, but I´m sure if you use this story well it can be different and interesting.
Even so, I like the idea that they are two twins (it is not such a widespread resource and it can be very good). Also, in `` Nemesis in Darkland '', one of my favorite parts is that of the two sisters Rosemary and Maryrose.

The style of the drawing is recognizable from your other games (in fact I have recognized it for that =), the atmosphere and the rest of the characters look very good.

I'll look forward for the demo!
Looks interesting, looking forward for it.
another great game from you :) cant wait to try it ! good luck
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