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A Paladin, Rogue and Mage (all female, and sensibly dressed, incidentally) walk into an Inn.

Launch mid-quest into a stereotypical fantasy world where the gender tables are turned just a little. It's been over a decade since you last played this game, and even the characters have forgotten what their core mission was supposed to have been. The Innkeep is of little help, but at least the Bard providing the dinner show is a hottie, even if he's not much of a minstrel.

Help these four adventurers make their way through 3 challenging scenarios in a quest to rediscover what their quest even was in the first place. Battle "orcs", orcs, bugs and a Segmented Lamia in OG Zelda-style action sequences, making use of the 4 heroes' unique abilities as you go.

MetaMyth was made in the span of 2 weeks for the Meta Game Jam.

- Play as four adventuring heroes through a series of "quests"!
- Ogle at the physical beauty of the token male party member!
- Enjoy the completely original graphics and not-so-original tropes and clich├ęs!

- Satirises the male gaze in video games by turning the development team's (and the player's) gaze back upon males.
- Comments on common tropes in RPGs and action RPGs, as well as taking small digs at various other genres.

Developer & Artist: Pinebox Games
Game Designer: Bekki Broughton
Audio Designer: Presley Hynes

All graphical assets are original, except for menu icons (RPG Maker stock assets)

All audio is Creative Commons/Royalty Free, sourced from...
- Soundly
- ZapSplat
- 5alarm
- Looperman
- RPG Maker MV stock assets

All code is original, except for the following plugins...
- CleanSlate by Notaku
- Galv's Layer Graphics
- Main Menu Manager by Yanfly
- Simple Save Load Menu by Mr. Trivel

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