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Fear Society 2 is a horror anthology video game and the sequel to “Fear Society.” The game will have four different tales each with its own unique story and characters. Gameplay will center around exploration, puzzles, traps, and choice-based decision making which can affect how the story unfolds and which ending you receive.

The first story titled "Detention", is about a young boy named "Finn" who finds himself trapped inside a school. Detention will also include a side story about an older couple who decide to interfere with fate.

In the second story "Midnight", two friends decide to target an unexpected homeowner as a means of revenge. They break-in and burglarize the home after the owner leaves. After a while they notice that something isn’t right at the home. The two intruders realize that the home isn’t desolate like they once thought, and that the owner didn't leave in fact he's been expecting them.

The third story "Room 303", is about a woman who vanishes after an overnight stay at a hotel. Her daughter decides to confront the hotel employees about her disappearance, but the staff doesn't remember seeing her the previous day. The story gets more bizarre when the hotel staff inform her that they don’t have any records of her checking in or checking out with them because all the rooms have been filled for days, and that it would have been impossible for her to book a room.

The last story “No Witness”, is a story about a mysterious case that has never been solved. A detective decides to take on the case as a favor to an old friend. This favor immediately backfires after his life is put in jeopardy when he realizes that someone is working against him to make sure this case remains unsolved.

  • 1-2 Hours Of Gameplay

  • Multiple Endings For Each Story

  • Horror Anthology

  • Original Music


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Update #1 Demo Status

The demo is available to play now. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or errors during gameplay.

Click Here To Play The Demo
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