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Here's a short preview on the project I've been working on since august 2017.
It's my first RPG, based on my ideas, various stuff and some of the games I enjoyed from the last 30 years.
Since I'm not really good on design, it's still heavily using RTP.
Pretty much everything is still work in progress, but I'll give it my best untill and after public release.

The story takes place in Galdmaril, a fantasy world where the 8 main sentient races are living in a precarious peace brought by the Elmy, a mysterious alloy discovered accidentally a few centuries ago.

You'll start your adventure as the typical nobody decided to finally do something with his life.
Soon enough you'll end up in the middle of a global conflict about mysterious relics, initiated by the most powerful human kingdom in the area. You will have to build up your strength and seek strong allies in order to be able to fight back, for the result of this war may decide the fate of the world.

  • Genre : Fantasy
    Engine : RMMV
    Combats : Classic SV + Tactical battles
    Duration : more than 15 hours ? (I still have to finish implementing the main scenario)
    Release date : 2019 ?

Some of the game's main features :
  • Choose between 2 starting characters (man or woman).
    Each with its own background and starting point. As the adventures goes on, the potential party members will also be slightly different.
    Be a savior or a tyrant.
    The player choices will have repercussions. Will you help people, spare your enemies or will give in to blood-lust and revenge?
    Customize your home.
    You'll be able to "build" and manage your kingdom. Repairing houses and shop and growing your local population will give you a more lively town and increase your tax income.
    Search for about 50 characters to help you achieve your destiny.
    About half of them are fighters, the other will have different purposes (additional options, tactical battles...).
    Part of them will also be available for some romance.
    Except for the characters directly linked to the main plot, a lot will be optional, a few missable, some easy to find, some hard to get.
    Meet the 8 races.
    Wander the world and uncover its myths and legends, make new friends and alliances to help you fight your enemies.
    Play through multiple endings.
    All the choices and options will induce a lot of branching in the main and side quests, giving hopefully a good replay value to the game.
    Explore a diferent world at night.
    People do have lives, so they might be elsewhere and say other things depending on the time of the day.

There will be a lot of characters so I'm just gonna list the 2 main ones (their names are temporary and modifiable, their design is still subject to changes).
It's a delicate part to balance as I'm trying to give a place to everyone, whereas the main character can draw its own personality from the player. But they still have a story and some secrets.
  • Gultr
    A simple human guy. He's a bit weird, living alone in the mountains. And he loves to get a drink every now and then in the local village's tavern. His drinking buddies like him, the other town people not so much.
    Yet he dreams of another life of fame and wealth, such as the adventures he can hear from time to time while drinking in town.

    A simple human girl. She loves to read stories from books and doesn't go out that much. She lives alone in a small town. People like her for she's a quiet neighbour. At least once in her life, she'd like to live some exciting adventure and find some forgotten treasures.

Thanks for taking a look at my project. Nothing fancy here, but I'll do my best to make it an enjoyable experience with a lot of replayability.
Hope you'll enjoy playing it.

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