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Vacant Sky Create & Win Contest Results!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting the results out, but we’ve had our hands full working on Awakening lately. Without further adieu, I’d like to announce the winners of the Vacant Sky Create & Win contest!

3rd place: Lauren

Lauren’s entry definitely wins the award for most creative. Props to her for the only Ars Harmonia entry!

In her words:
Patterns were all figured out by myself, and I’m rather proud of the detail work I put into her. The hakama tie as they should, the obi is textured like in the original concept art, and the haori is completely removable and has sleeves that resemble the real thing. Heck, I even included the French braid-ish bit to her bangs.

2nd place: Adoxographist

In second place, we’ve got a lovely portrait of Vacant Sky: Awakening protagonist Dakura by Adoxographist!

But either way, my idea for the entry was to make an old school vanity portrait for this particular character, since he’s a noble and would maybe be the sort of guy to commission that sort of thing!

The idea behind it is clever and very appropriate, especially as Act II+ of Contention actually added paintings of past inhabitants to Maladorr Manor.

1st place: Redemptiondot

Our first place winner is Redemptiondot with this lovely fanart of Vacant Sky: Awakening heroine, Sarian! We particularly liked this entry for how much character it shows. Sarian got quite a bit of love in this contest, receiving nearly as much fanart as did Auria, which was quite a surprise! The Awakening cast barely scraped by with better representation than the Contention cast; it was pretty close.

Thanks to everyone for entering! There were quite a few entries and judging was very difficult. I hope you had as much fun creating your entries as we did judging them, and that you’ll consider joining us again if we hold a contest again in the future!


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The third and second place entries are far better than the first place entry, which has a zillion problems.

But whatever.
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