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Watermelons + Sun + Ghost + Swimsuits + Typhoons + Summer Vacation = ESCATPADE

I can relate, I don't think this summer has any records left to break (I know it does, I'm exagerating for effect).

Escatpade is a short charming puzzle game that has just been translated into English. It's light on story; when the game starts you are on your way to the swimming pool as it's the only way to endure the heat. However you hear a cat and investigate, you end up trapped inside of a room filled with cats and puzzles. Upon completing enough puzzles to leave that room you find three more rooms to explore. Your goal is to find an orb in each room, most of the rooms require items from other rooms, so you end up revisiting rooms with new options available.

I'm perhaps a little too quick to smash up walls. I hope no one sends me the bill.

In terms of gameplay the game is fairly simple, you gather items and then are able to inspect/use them from the menu. While it's simple it works and serves the game well, most of the items and their purposes are quite clear but a couple of them might require a bit more thought, for example without spoiling anything - you have two pairs of glasses you can wear and both have their own uses one more obvious than the other.

In my whole playthrough I came across no bugs but I did get a single error message which didn't impact the game at all. Escatpade plays well and I enjoyed my time spent playing it. While I'm not sufficiently qualified to say how well done the translation is, I can say that had this game been originally in english I would have praised the writing; it is fun (complete with cat puns), clear and well written. Anyway I hope you try out Escatpade (and if you do remember to water the flowers - all of them).

I never did work out what the thing on the left did/was for. Also error message!