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Experience the back story of Cornelius Stoughton from the Raven-Saga! In this short visual novel you will learn more about the much-loved gentleman from the Salem of the 17th century and how he became the infamous Corvus Raven. What happened before the events in the books? How does Corvus’ sister Emily feel about her brother’s escapades? And what about the bourgeois girl Rose Barnes from the orphanage? Visit well-known places from the books and get to know your favourite characters better.

Raven Curse is a visual novel with a few simple adventure elements and several endings, one of which is considered the “true ending”. Since the game is a prequel of the books, it is not necessary to have read the books beforehand, and therefore offers the perfect introduction to the series! The game features 6 CGs, an original soundtrack, and some hidden extras!

Story, characters, music – Marcel Weyers
Character design – ninka_iskandar
Backgrounds, CGs – gabbin
Additional art – Torsten Sohrmann
Beta tester – Rahuel
Programming help – Faith
Engine – Ren’Py (

German translation – Marcel Weyers
Russian translation – Tolma4 Team

Title: Raven Curse
Release: August 8, 2018
Genre: Adventure
Rated: 13+
Resolution: 1920×1080
Platforms: Android, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Endings: 3
Languages: English, German, Russian
Version: 1.1.1

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