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Dragon Quest is one of the most popular JRPG series of all time. The original Dragon Quest has been remade a few times, on the Super Famicom, then ported to the Gameboy Color, and most recently, Android Phones. But what if you don't have a Android phone? Then the most graphically enhanced version you can play would be the fan translated SNES/Super Famicom version. And even then, its not that visually impressive. After playing someone's version of a remake for it & felt disappointed by it, I took it upon myself to try my hand at remaking it. Fact of the matter is, I've been meaning to do this ever since I first started messing around with RPG Maker. Its also a test to see if RPG Maker is a good enough engine to remake one of the most basically designed RPGs ever made.

The first Dragon Quest isn't very complex. You are a lone hero who fights monsters 1 on 1, no party or groups of monsters. Only about a dozen spells at most at your disposal. It has a very limited set of equipment & items, only a handful of Key Items to acquire to reach the final dungeon, and only a handful of dungeons & bosses to contend with. Its basically 'Grind for Experience & Gold', the game. While this should be easily doable in RPG Maker, I've hit a few snags trying to recreate some of the features this game had. While I've put this game on hiatus until certain issues are resolved, I've uploaded a preview of my project on to YouTube & someone saw it & liked it enough to ask if a demo was available.

Originally, I had not intended to make a demo because the game is so short that I figured that I could finish it without needing one, but as life dictates, things didn't go according to plan. So I'm releasing this demo for those who are interested in playing it & seeing what Dragon Quest would feel like being remade in RPG Maker MV. While the Monster sprites & Music are ripped from the Android remake, and the Item Icons were ripped from Dragon Quest IX on the DS, many of the graphics like battle backgrounds & map tiles are standard RTP, which still look amazing when compared to the graphics of the Super Famicom/SNES version, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to remake it, to give it an 'updated' look.

There are some differences between this version & the originals (both the NES & SNES/SF/GBC versions). Here are some of the differences, changes & new additions:

* Enemy stats are somewhat higher (not the weaker enemies in the beginning). Enemies also possess smarter AI, casting healing & status ailment spells when needed or useful, instead of just randomly or needlessly.

* Exp & Gold drops are based on the GBC version. Enemies now have item drops too. Mainly herbs, but some can drop rare equipment, saving you gold if you're lucky.

* Item & Monster Books to keep track of which items & equipment you've acquired & which monsters you've defeated (including their item drops).

* New Accessories for you to equip to even the playing field. You can equip up to 4 accessories!

* New equipment like Helmets have been added to offset the boost in enemies' attack power, including Erdrick's Helmet. Also, Erdrick's Shield has been added as the strongest shield & completes the set of Erdrick's equipment.

* The Magic Armor has had its DEF stat increased to give the player an incentive to buy it to replace the Steel Armor (which had the same DEF stat but with HP regen when walking).

* A new dungeon has been added to make grinding for gold (for Magic Armor, Flame Sword & Silver Shield) less repetitive. Also, another dungeon has been expanded to hide one of Erdrick's equipment.

* By default, RPG Maker games usually let you save anywhere & tell you how much Exp. you need to level up on your menu screen. Because of this, you don't need to needlessly keep visiting the King. This reduces the amount of running around you need to do.

* Also to reduce the needless running around, a Warping system used in Dragon Quest 3 & thereafter has been included. Using a Warp Wing or the Return spell will display a list of towns you've already been to.

* Dungeons are dark like in the original. You need either a Torch or the Radiant spell to see. However, while Torches have unlimited time to stay lit, Radiant's lighting would diminish over time. Due to limitations, this was not implemented, so Radiant's lighting never diminishes.

* In the originals, Keys to unlock doors had 'regional pricing' & the doors would respawn when you leave an area. In this version, all keys are priced the same, although a bit more expensive than the highest original price. However, doors that are opened never respawn, so you only need to buy a limited number of Keys to unlock every door.

* Mini Medal collecting has been a staple side quest in the Dragon Quest series since Dragon Quest 4. Well, now you can search for them in this game too. Turning them in can grant you some gold or a rare & useful accessory. There's 30 total to be found.

* A new spell has been added, HealAll. Along with this, your max level has been increased from Lv 30 to Lv 50. However, the recommended level to fight the Dragonlord is about Lv 25-30 minimum.

* New items have been added as well. Holy Water is no longer hidden behind locked doors & can be bought in most shops. Now instead you can buy Magic Water to refill your MP (they're expensive though). Also, 'Strong Medicine', a more effective herb, has been added as well, healing for almost as much as Healmore, which comes in handy if you've been inflicted with Stopspell. Elfin Elixirs & Wizard's Rings have been added as well, but are rare.

* Stat boosting seeds now give consistent boosts instead of random ones.

* The Silver Harp now summons enemies based on location instead of a preset list. This means you can go to where Metal Slimes & Goldmen are & just play the Harp to summon them without running around. However, you won't benefit from HP Regen while walking if you do this, plus you have to trade it for the Rain Staff anyway.

* Metal Slimes have been added to the set of monsters that appear in the lowest basements of Dragonlord's Castle in order to speed up level grinding there.

* Along with new equipment are 2 new bosses to fight, which are guarding some of Erdrick's equipment. Also, the location of some of Erdrick's equipment has been changed, such as Erdrick's Sword.

* The Dragonlord's stats (both forms) are higher in this version as well. Also, the Dragonlord's dragon form has a new attack, called Tail Sweep, which can stun you & make you lose a turn. The addition of newer & more powerful equipment & accessories helps offset this new challenge, but don't take him lightly!

* A 'Playtime' timer has been added for those of you interested in doing a speedrun of this game. How fast can you beat it?

Status of the game: The game is mostly playable from start to finish. It doesn't have the intro that was added to the GBC version. The only things that aren't finished are some NPCs, the Princess Lora events (you can still fight the Dragon guarding her & have her follow you, but returning to the King won't trigger anything), and the cursed accessories (Devil Belt & Death Necklace) will lock ALL of your accessory slots & the Curse Remover doesn't work right, so don't equip them & sell them for gold (like you're supposed to).

Also, the ending sequences aren't done either but you can fight the Dragonlord (no dialogue though). Once you beat the Dragonlord there's nothing left to do. You get the Light Orb but there are still encounters & the King doesn't even acknowledge that you beat him. All 30 Mini Medals can be found & turned in as well. Since the Princess Lora events aren't done, you can't collect the item 'Lady Lora's Love' (which acts as a compass to help find Erdrick's Token), but you can still find Erdrick's Token in the same place.

Anyway, that's the jist of it. I hope everyone who enjoyed playing the original Dragon Quest will enjoy this 95% complete Demo of my remake for it.

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There seems to be a problem with the demo starting up. I've taken care of the audio file error but there's another error that I'm gonna need help resolving.

The current error that's a problem is:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

What's odd is that this error doesn't occur when I playtest it in the editor, only after deployment.
I've updated the download & the errors shouldn't come up anymore, but the file size is a bit bigger.
You know, it would be nice to see someone do a LP of this....
Hello AnimeBryan,
Thank you for that excellent game revival I finished in a little less than 10 hours at level 30! The experience and gold grinding as well as the game difficulty are very well balanced with a steady progression, which is a great satisfaction for someone like me who modertately appreciates endless fights again overpowered end-level bosses!
The monsters sprites, more humorous than scaring, remembered me all these classic games of the good ol' nineties I liked (even though I never experienced any of the Nintendo ones at that time.
I'm looking now forward for a full version of the game, where I won't had to search every patch of the maps in order to find essential items as Pixy Flute or Eldrick's token!
Keep on the good work!

PS: an annoying bug, all equipments are cleared whenever you sleep at an inn or you load a previous save. This is not a problem if you check your equipment immediately, but may be one if you don't at the first bad encounter!
I've had problems before with all my equipment being cleared without knowing & I thought that it was a bug in Yanfly's Equip Core plugin. I just tested both methods just now & my equipment doesn't clear after reloading a save or at a inn. I'm using a new equipment plugin so maybe that fixed it.

I'm making new progress on the game now so it will be completed sometime soon.
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Looks awesome, any updates on your progress?
The game is about 95% complete. All that needs to be done is the final events with the Dragonlord, the credits, and the 1 obstacle holding me back is the inability to have enemy skills play their animations on screen (such as fire breath attacks). Once I find a plugin to make that work I can finally put the finishing touches on this & call it complete.
Still demo... wh/I/)=/(=?
It's 95% complete. You can actually play it from start to finish, even beating the Dragonlord. The only things that aren't finished are;
1 - Rescuing Lady Lara events aren't finished yet, so no Lara's Love Compass or reaction from either the King or Dragonlord
2 - Ending events after beating the Dragonlord, so no proper ending
3 - Enemy skills don't display on screen, like Fire Breath, because of the front view battle style. Not being able to find a solution is what caused me to put it on hiatus

However, now that MZ is out, I'm planning to port this over since MZ has added features & possibly a future solution to the enemy skill display problem. May still need to wait until more plugins become available too.

I also might remake DQ2 if enough people want it, although at 701 downloads, this didn't seem to be too popular :(
Greetings AnimeBryan,
This game has been fantastic to play up until now.
I have never played the original so I have been just muddling along, but that has been working out ok.

So I have this blond haired beauty that I rescued from some swamp cave that I stumbled across when I was lost and wandering about in the wilderness.
I bring her back to her castle and the strange thing is that nobody even wants to interact with us.
You would think that the King would be overjoyed to see his own daughter but nope, just cold hard stares from both the king and his advisor.
Has something gone amiss here or is there something that I am missing.
Thank you in advance for any help or ideas that you may have.


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Should've read the comments first before posting:
It's 95% complete.You can actually play it from start to finish, even beating the Dragonlord. The only things that aren't finished are;
1 - Rescuing Lady Lara events aren't finished yet, so no Lara's Love Compass or reaction from either the King or Dragonlord
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